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{Kakashi's Pov}
I walked through the woods making weird sounds so myself because I'm reading the newest book of Make-Out paradise! I heard a tug snap and turned my head to the bushes near me. I got out a kunai and said "Who are you?!" I waited a couple seconds before I boy peeked out from behind the bush... He was quite dirty. I wouldn't have known he was a boy if it wasn't for his short hair and flat chest. He has very feminine traits... I put my kunai away and asked "What happened to you?" He stepped out fully and that's when I saw all the blood in his Baggie clothes... he lifted up his shirt partly revealing a nasty wound. I asked "What's your name?" He looked around and grabbed a stick and wrote in the dirt 'Rabu' I nodded and said "Come with me Rabu." I grabbed his hand and did hand signs and we appeared at the hospital. while I was checking him in I couldn't help but notice his bangs covered his eyes. I wonder why his hair is like that. The nurse took him to a room and she performed a medical Ninjutsu on him and healed his wounds. He got up and bowed to her, I said "Thank you." She nodded and I grabbed him and walked to the Hokages office. The 3rd asked "Ah, Kakashi... What is it?" I said "Lord Hokage, while I was walking in the woods I found this boy who had wounds. I took him to the hospital and already got him healed. Also he doesn't seem to talk." the Hokage said "I would like to meet this boy." I said "Come on he won't but." I felt the small boys grip tighten at the bottem of my vest. He was about 12 years old if not younger. The boy peaked out his head from behind me. I pushed him out into the open, The Hokage asked "What's your name?" He looked around and walked up to the Hokages desk and wrote down his name. He smiled and said "Now Rabu. Can you please tell me what happened to you boy?" He stood still for a moment before he jumped onto the desk. He resembled a wild animal went they are about to pounce on their pray. I pulled out a kunai but the Hokage said "Kakashi. Stop." I did so but kept my fighting stance. The boy raised how hand and put his pointer and middle fingers on the Hokages forehead. The Hokage stared at Rabu for a minute before Rabu took his hand away from the Hokages head and slowly stepped off the desk. The Hokage blinked and looke at Rabu before saying "Alright. You can stay here in the leaf village as long as you want." I said "Wait lord Hokage. What just happened?" the Hokage smoked his pipe and said "Rabu Just told me what happened to Him." I said "But he just touched your forehead." The Hokage nodded and said "That's how he told me." I just shoot my head and said "Anyways. Where will he be staying." The Hokage smiled and said "With you." I said "Me? Why?" the Hokage smiled and said "He trusts you more then anyone. His family is dead and he has no where to go. Kakashi He could learn a lot from you." I looked at Rabu who stared at the ground with his fist clenched. I guess it wouldn't be that bad having him live with me, and I feel as though I need to protect this very innocent boy. I nodded and said "Yes lord Hokage. I will take him in." The Hokage smiled and said "Good. I'm going to test his ninja skills. You can leave until I call for you." I nodded and said "Just be careful with him." He chuckled and said "Don't underestimate this child kakashi." I nodded and walked out of his office.

{Hokages pov}
I said "Now then. Shall we go an test your skills?" Rabu nodded and we walked out to training ground 10. It was just an open piece of ground with trees lining around it hiding the people inside. This is where the ANBU train. Just then 5 ANBU appeared behind me. One said "You called for us Lord Hokage?" I nodded and smoked my pipe and said "I want all five of you to fight someone to show their fighting abbilities." The same one said "Who's the Man we will be fighting?" I chuckled and said "It's not a man you will be fighting." They looked up I said "You'll be fighting that boy." they all looked at Rabu who stood in the middle of the field looking up at the clouds. Another one said "Your not serious Lord Hokage?" A different ANBU said "No offense Lord Hokage, But he's just a child..." I said "Fight him." They all nodded and appeared into the field surrounding Rabu, and they began running at Rabu. He stared at the sky until one was right on top of him and that's when he caught the ANBU's arm. His grip tighten and he slung the ANBU around with a lot of power, enough to make him crash into a tree and broke it in half an knock him out. The other ANBU started going towards Rabu and so the fight began.

{About 39 minutes later}

I stood there a bit shocked.... All the ANBU laid at his feet beaten to a pulp. While Rabu just barely broke a sweat.... I said "Rabu." He looked at me. I asked "Even though you are well above the level of a Gunin. Even a Joinin. Would you still like to attend the Academy and join kids within your age group?" He looked at the sky and sighed he looked back at me and nodded with a small smile that I barely caught. I smiled and put my hand in his back as I walked up to him. I said "Let go get something to eat before I have Kakshi take you to the academy to meet the other children." He nodded. Even though I just met this child, I know he will play a very big part of this village.... And the truth will come out sooner or later that He...Is actually a She...

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