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1 Year later
Dee pov
"I know you gon be mad when I tell you this but I'm not coming back today. I got a last minute interview scheduled for tomorrow" he said and my smile dropped.

I feel like everything happened over night. Once he dropped his first mixtape feed the streets he started to get recognition from big time rappers such as Nipsey Hussle and Meek Mill and then next thing I know he was literally on stage with the legendary Nipsey Hussle and Meek Mill bought him a dream chasers chain. Everything was moving so fast and I was so happy for him cause his dreams was literally coming true and then when his childhood best friend JNew died I feel like that's when everything changed. He was in the studio 25/8 and was literally pouring his heart and soul into his music. I think that's why Die Young blew up the way it did because X had just died and his song was like a staple for what everybody was feeling.

"You've literally been gone a month and this is going to be your third time doing this. I swear I'm not even tryna be like that but I haven't seen you like at all and I feel like what was the point of buying this big ole house and telling me to move in with you if you're never here" I vented into the phone

"I'm sorry shorty but my manager calling me and it's prolly important but I'ma call you back as soon as I'm done" he said and I just hung up the phone and let out a big sigh.

A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

"Hey shorty" he smiled with a bouquet of flowers.

"Roddy" I said grabbing the followers and giving him a hug and he carried me inside.

"Don't cry shorty" he said pecking my lips and he sat down on the couch making me straddle his lap.

"I just really missed you that's all and I'm happy you're here" I said as he wiped the tears from my face.

"I missed you too" he smiled

"I thought you had an interview" I said

"I do but it's on the 17th so next week and then I got some other shit too but I'm here for now" he said

"Are you gonna be here for your birthday?"

"Yeah. Hell yeah I ain't spending it nowhere but here" he said and I smiled

"How you been holding up tho?" He questioned

"It's just weird like random people will come up to me and ask if I'm your girl and ask for a picture with me and people just be coming up to and be wanting to be my friend I guess cause they know we together"

"Damn it's like that. What your friendly ass be saying?"

"You know I don't like the spotlight that's why I told you don't post me just let it be known that you got a girl at home but you don't listen" I said

"I need these people to know that you all mine and not to fuck with you before they end up killed. Why you think I gave you this ring" he said holding my left hand and looking at the promise ring that I put on my ring finger.

"You know people really be asking me if I'm married" I laughed

"And what you say?"

"I tell them the truth. Until I get an engagement ring" I said and he smacked his teeth.

"It's coming soon just like our anniversary" he said

"You hinting at something?" I questioned

"Nah I'm just stating facts. It's coming soon tho" he said making me smile

"It better be" I laughed

"But on a serious note. How do you feel?"

"All this shit happened so fucking fast and I'm happy but ever since JNew died my heart just been hurting and I feel like I got a lot of shit to get off my chest that's why I've been in the studio and shit. I feel like I lost another brother and I feel like this supposed to be the happiest moments in my life but it's not cause everybody I know keep dying back to back. His death hit me harder then when my great grandfather died and you know how much he meant to me. I feel like he just died too young." He vented to me and I could see tears form in his eyes but he didn't let any fall.

"Aww I'm sorry. Is that why your keeping yourself busy?" I questioned

"Yeah I just feel like I need to keep on ballin for him you know. He saw this shit for me and he been saw it even before I did" he said and I hugged him cause I was at loss for words.

"I'm sorry if you feel like I'm neglecting you shorty. You know I got another mixtape coming out and I'm getting booked for shit now my life is just hectic right now but I'ma make everything up to you"

"It's ok I completely understand now" I said kissing him and he deepened the kiss slipping his tongue in my mouth.

"Mmm" I moaned as he sucked on my neck and he took the big t shirt I was wearing off. He lifted me up and laid me on the couch and sucked on my titty and massaged the other one with his hand and then switched. He then kissed all over my stomach and really took his time kissing on my body.

"Stop teasing me" I said as he kissed on my inner thigh and we made eye contact as he ate on my pussy.

"Roddyyy" I called out as he inserted his fingers in me and I began to rotate my hips against his fingers until my legs started to shake.

"Cum for me" he said and I instantly came.

"You taste good" he said kissing me and I took off the shirt he had on.

I got in front of him and sat on my knees and I unbuckled his belt and helped him take his pants off and his boxers too and revealed his hard dick. Since he was teasing me I decided to tease him too.

I went straight to his balls and sucked on it making him groan. I spit on his dick and licked around the tip of his dick.

"Dee" he groaned

"Hmm" I hummed sending vibrations through his whole body and I started to deep throat bobbing my head back and forth being sure to hold eye contact because that's what he liked.

"Fuckkk" he groaned making me wetter than I already was and I continued to deep throat making sure that all of him was in my mouth and once he came I swallowed and he smirked as I stood up.

He grabbed me making me lay down on the couch again and once he placed hisself at my entrance he slowly entered and it hurted a little bit because it's been a while but once it started to feel good I started to moan uncontrollably.

"Fuckkk Roddddyy" I moaned as he gave me all of him. I could feel every inch of him.

"Turn around" he said and I did as told and I arched my back and he placed a pillow under my stomach. He started off slow and steady and then sped up his pace and now he was just drilling my shit he was really stretching my pussy out. He held my waist with one hand and grabbed my neck with the other as he continued to give me deep fast strokes.

"Ohhh my Godddd" I moaned out loud grabbing the pillow next to me

"Roddyyy" I moaned grabbing his arm letting him know I couldn't take anymore as I climaxed again.

"Take this dick Dee" he groaned and I continued to moan uncontrollably and tears of pleasure started to stream down my face and once he finally came he carried me to our bedroom and I laid there for a good ten minutes trying to control my breathing before he was ready for another round.

"Come ride this dick" he said laying down and I straddled him and slowly slid down his long member and I began to grind on his dick as he grabbed on my ass. I placed my hands on his chest and once I found a good pace I started to go faster until he wrapped his arms around my body and held me closer to his body and began to suck on my titties and fucked me from underneath.

"I'm cumming" I moaned cumming and he continued making my whole body jerk from expreriencing too much pleasure and he came soon after me. We both laid on our backs side by side trying to catch our breath and I just let myself get caught in the moment before he was ready for another round.
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