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"Ari! Where's my phone???" Dahyun and kept looking around to her room. The dog rolled over. "Don't do that, you're not being cute. It's just you and me here, where is it?" She asked. "Ugh! I know it's already shutting down, I didn't charge that for two days!" Dahyun sighed and sat on the edge of her bed, she frowned and Ari jumped on her lap. Dahyun carried her and brought his dog tie out and connected to his dog tag. "You're not going around while I look for my phone." Dahyun tied him at the table's foot.

Dahyun sighed and continued looking for it. She looked under the bed, there are a lot of things under. She's sure Ari played everything under the bed.

*ding dong!*

She stood up and went outside and opened the door. It's the care taker.

"Miss Kim." She greeted and bowed.

"Oh, auntie." Dahyun smiled.

"Hello, Miss Kim. I wanted to give you something, it's nothing compared to what you did to help me and my family. It's a food I want to share you, I know you're alone right now."

"Thank you, auntie." Dahyun took the bag from her. "I'll enjoy this." Dahyun smiled.

"Enjoy your stay here in your house." The lady bowed and Dahyun closed the door. She placed it to the table and went to her room.


Jungkook called Dahyun many times but she's not answering, it's not even ringing.

"What is wrong with her?" Jungkook asked.

"Hey, come on now. Last day of practice." Namjoon said. He placed his phone in his bag and get back to their rehearsals.


Dahyun kept looking and cleaned under her bed.

"There you are!" She found her phone, it's off. "Ari." She shook her head and plugged the charger.

She heard notifications from it.

"Okay, let's just see who messaged."

"I've been calling you many times? Are we like this again?"

She didn't mind the message.

"He won't believe me if I say Ari played with my phone." Dahyun shook her head.

She untied Ari's dog tie from the table's foot.

"Hey, do you wanna go for a walk?" Dahyun asked him, he barked. "Let's go!" Dahyun and Ari got out of the house and ran outside. They walked and bought things for souvenir when she go back to seoul.

She stayed with Ari at the beach again. The dog stayed on her side, and she just stared at the horizon. The wind touching whole of her skin.

"That's cold." She hugged herself. "Ari, let's go. Catching colds is a no no." Dahyun stood up. The dog lead their way home. "Ari, let's take a picture. I'll make fans know where we are." She said and lied on her bed, Ari lied down beside her and he looks sleepy. She took pictures of them until Ari finally got his sleep. Dahyun sat up and posted an update to twicetagram and shared few of her photos with Ari and the sea.

"Have a happy chinese lunar new year." She said and sighed. "Happy..?"

She messaged Jisoo if she could come to their province but she's busy, she wants too but her schedules are hectic.

"How are they doing?" Dahyun asked herself which is she's referring to BTS.


BTS are having fun during practice, they'll have more time after they finish to Grammys and other schedules in LA.

"Jimin, your phone is ringing." Suga said. Jimin looked at his phone, Jungkook saw how the expression of his face changed and answered the call. He excused his self and answered it, Jungkook pretended that he's just going to rest and look at his phone near Jimin. He's smiling really wide.

"Miss me?" Jimin asked. "Oh, why did you call? Just to have news what's going on with your boyfriend?" Jimin chuckled. "It's really fine, Dahyun."

Jungkook's fist clenched hearing that he's right, it is Dahyun. He thought why is she calling him? And not Jungkook?

"Of course we're all fine. I'm sorry If it would still take like four days before we could go back to Seoul." Jimin said. "I'm taking care of your brother, don't worry. If only he would look for western girls around and he's engaged to Moonbyul noona." He laughed.

"Huh? Western artist?" Jungkook stood up and left.


"Moonbyul wouldn't know if he did but I am going to kill him before eonni would know he's cheating." Dahyun laughed.

"That's harsh. Take it slow with Jin hyung, he's a good guy. I'll look over him, don't worry. And, about Jungkook... I will look over your boyfriend too. Don't worry."

"Thank you, sunbaenim. Happy Chinese lunar New year!"

"Yeah, happy lunar new year." Dahyun hang up.

She's now receiving a call from Jungkook.

"What a great timing." She answered the call.

"Having a great time? You're not replying. I heard Jimin hyung talking to you over the phone."

"Hey, I couldn't reach you either. Sorry, I called Jimin sunbaenim. He called me once for updates of what's going on."


"Yeah? Why? If you're busy it's okay. I'm also making myself busy for the new restaurant to open."

"I hope you're enjoying."

"Yeah, I am tired but looking at it as I've done something for my brother's business... It's all worth it. I hope you're enjoying your rehearsals, you excited for Grammys?"

"Not that much. I have to go, we have to continue."

Jungkook hang up.

"What?" Dahyun looked at her phone and sighed.

"I heard tomorrow is your Grammys, good luck. I'm sorry."

She sent the message to him and tried calling Jin but he's not answering either.

"BTS will be back in four days? I'm still here."

"Hi, oppa. I'm back in Seoul. But we won't still be seeing each other because I will be staying at our dorm, we will be working for new songs too. Good luck for Grammys."

She sent the message to Jin, lying that she's already back to Seoul. She doesn't want him to go to her or anyone be asking where is she.

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