(Qannen) I'd rather create content then have it inflicted on me

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The flood waters rush out of the building, swirling past everyone and out into the street, collecting trash, redepositing it elsewhere. Qannen's hands are still tied but Hair has one hand on her, which makes it easier to balance against the weight of the rushing water as they make their way down the hall and out into the street. He's got the camera in his other hand. Eyes is struggling to hold both a very wet backpack and a large, metal box that must have been in the other room.

Qannen and Hair and Eyes race out of the building and into the street, along with a few dozen other very wet former tenants of the building. Hair and Eyes are panicked and bewildered but everyone else just looks mildly inconvenienced. A few people lug their few precious belongings - some ragged clothes and shoes, mostly - over their shoulder in plastic bags, or atop their heads, out of reach of the water. The weather is only at about 60%, so everyone is getting rained on, but it's not too bad and plus they were already wet so who cares.

Qannen was right, this is the Thornes. She's not sure which part exactly. Maybe the part closer to the Intentional Lifestyle District? She spots a zonny flying down the sidewalk across the street and twists away from Hair, jumping up and down and yelling to get its attention. There are important things happening on the TL and she's missing all of them.

Hair grabs her more tightly to keep her from bouncing. The zonny flies off and around a corner. The three of them stand there getting rained on as the waters finally thin out to a trickle. The other people from the building are all moving off in different directions.

Hair and Eyes look at each other, catching their breath.

"We almost died," Hair says, in between heaving breaths. He looks around, panting, confused, at the other people just calming wandering away, carrying the few water-logged memories of their lives that they were able to salvage in time. "What. Why. Why is everyone so calm. I'm freaking out. Why aren't people freaking out??"

Qannen looks around to try and see what he's seeing. "What's there to freak out about?"

Hair glares at her and then grunts and motions angrily back at the building where they almost drowned 10 seconds ago.

Qannen looks at him. "What, that? That was just churnover."

Both Hair and Eyes stare blankly at Qannen.

"Churnover," Qannen repeats.

They keep staring blankly at her.

"It was churnover," Qannen says, helpfully.

"ffs please stop saying that word and explain what you mean." Eyes says.

"It's...the thing. That happens in the Thornes. Buildings flood, catch on fire. Rooms swallow each other up or get suddenly sealed off. It's like, you know, all the stuff that happens to get people out of their homes. To keep people from getting too comfortable."

"I thought the point of The Thornes was that it was free public housing for people who don't want to create content," Eyes says.

"Yeah but like, if living here was easy everyone would want to do it. Personally I'd rather create content then have it inflicted on me. I really don't understand what show you guys are trying to be from. This is like common stuff people that know. Please untie me."

"No," Eyes says.

"So what do we now," Hair says to Eyes. "Where do we go."

"Uhhh we go home? To my apartment?" Qannen says.

"We're not doing that," Eyes says.

"WHY NOT," both Qannen and Hair say.

"It's not safe," Eyes says.

"We just almost drowned," Hair says.

"It's not safe for us," Eyes says.

"Everything we own is soaked," Hair says, tugging his shirt away from his body. "I'm wet and freezing and I don't think that was clean water."

"Ha ha nooo definitely not," Qannen says.

"We are not going to her apartment," Eyes says.

"You guys, we have to get out of The Thornes, it's extremely bad for my brand. And idk what your guys deal is but it can't be great for yours either."

"OK where," Hair says.

"This way," Hair says. He grabs Qannen's wrists and starts leading her down the street, following some of the other people who just left the same building. He leaves Hair to grab the metal box and catch up.

"Look it's 2 votes for my apartment, this is a simple logic situation," Qannen says.



"We are not going to your apartment, you are being kidnapped."

"Who says I can't be kidnapped in my own home? It probably happens all the time."

"It's not happening here. We'll follow these other people into another building and get set up there." They follow the couple down the street, past a series of buildings that look bombed out - crumbling walls, blown out windows - but that apparently are currently acting as functional housing units.

"Eyes you are straight up overthinking this. Look, we hole up in my bedroom, remove some furniture, cover up the windows, really dress the scene. Have it be all grungy. I'm so good at set decoration."

"Did you just call me Eyes?"

"The door locks. The room does NOT fill up with water or acid. The walls DON'T suddenly start closing in and you have 30 seconds to figure out the code before they squeeze you to death. There ISN'T mold growing on the walls. The temperature does NOT suddenly drop down to below freezing or up above boiling."

"Those are all things that could happen?"

"No, those are things that WILL happen. Seriously what show are you guys from."

"Look," Hair says. "What if we just-"

"NO," Eyes says, eyeing a couple that just walked inside another building. "This way."

"Ugh, I feel sick," Qannen says as she stumbles up the stairs, pushed on by Eyes.


A room that looks almost exactly like the last one, except with more mold on the walls and a muddier floor and a heap of trash piled high in one corner. A large woman who is dressed entirely in plastic trash bags and who only has one eye has Hair down on his knees with his arm bent awkwardly behind his back, like she's about to snap it off. A tall, skinny man in a long, gray, filthy overcoat has Eyes up against a wall, one hand wrapped around his neck, the other holding a jagged piece of metal to his cheek.

Both Eyes and Hair are screaming "PLEASE LET US GO PLEASE WE'RE SO SORRY PLEASE!"

Qannen is leaning against the other wall, hands still tied behind her back, smiling and laughing like "Ha ha this is amazing idec kill me next."


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