Chapter 38: Resolve

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I took a trey and filled it with meal set for dinner. I thought I'd bring it to Katsuki since he skipped the last meal of the day.

Without earning everyones attention I rapidly teleported in front of Katsuki's dorm room.
I didn't wanna just teleport right in his room with no notice... well at least this time.

"Katsuki it's me!" I halfed yelled, not being able to use my both occupied hands to knock.

He opened the door and without a word and let me inside.

"Katsuki... I brought you dinner, since you skipped it and you most definitely need to eat before you rest bummy " I mumbled but his face didn't flinch. His expression is so dull and it makes me feel uneasy.

"Don't want it.." he dryly said and sat on his bed.

I began to perceive the unpleasant mood settling in the tiny room and I began worry.

Here he is isolating himself again and refusing to talk it out to anyone. No matter the circumstances are, I'm a part of him now and what affects him affects me as well.


"Katsuki I think I should bring it up but I didn't because I thought I'd be too invasive or clingy but it's begging to become a more serious concern..." I continue to mumble until I successfully earned his eyes.

"Since the Kamino Incident you've been acting—"

"Why.." He suddenly muttered bringing his gaze back down to the ground.

"Why.." this time his voice was raspier and much elevated.

I began to panick and quickly placed down the trey on his desk before approaching him closer.

"Hey.." I murmured on my way to approach him but I was quickly halted.

"I admire All Might ever since I was a fucking brat but why..." his voice broke down into breaths and I could hear all the pain releasing from his voice and that brings tinges of needles to my chest.

"Maybe if I had been stronger or if I hadn't be kidnapped then.." He finally looks up to me with his face full of traumatic feelings and his eyes blood shot that just screams for help.


His voice blared me out and my face fell, realizing how he's been carrying this for a prolonged time with no one to comfort him.

That thought made my heart pumped and I feel immensely terrible looking at him in verge of tears.
So this is how it feels to truly like someone in great extent, we start to share one's feeling and we become connected.

Knowing how much he admires All Might and taking the blame for the retirement of the person who gave him his dream of becoming a hero is unimaginably excruciating.

With no words to say but an impulse to embrace him I held him tight that even I couldn't breath from it.

"Even if I try not to think about it, it just comes to my mind unexpectedly and I don't know what to do about it!" His voice heightened as he breath out and I felt something warm cascade down my forehead.
Katsuki is so damn hurt right now and I don't know what to do but have him in my arms until he release these feelings out enough for him to get through tonight.

He muffled his arms around me and held me like he needed me the most while I stroke my hands on his back until he's calmed down.

"Katsuki let me see your face.." I whispered and he slowly let lose of my body giving me the chance to look at him.

I smiled at him softly and I cupped my hands on his rose red cheeks as I wipe the remaining trace of tears from his swelling eyes.

"Don't question yourself and take the blame for something inevitable. I may not be the right person to give you resolve but I'm the person who will always believe in you" I said with the same glossy eyes and gentle smile aiming to possibly make him feel a little better.

There was no word escaping his mouth so I laid off him to give him as much space as possible, but my wrist was immediately snatched down.
"Don't leave...." he paused "I sleep better when you're around" a blush crept on his cheeks, "just this night".

Sleep better?..

I suddenly remembered how he slept like a light the other night I stayed with him...

I crinkled my nose playfully, noticing how I somehow managed to get his mind off All Might.

"Request accepted.."

I mean how could I ever leave him like this.


Katsuki stuck with me like a gorilla glue and I didn't had the chance to even brush my teeth before he throw me in his bed and practically became his pillow, but I like it and I'm glad I get to be that person.

The mood in the air slowly mollified and Katsuki couldn't help but drift off.
I pulled the blanket to our shoulders and the warmth of his body accentuated as his bare skin touch with mine underneath the sheet.
Falling asleep became indisputably trouble-free in his arms and I shuffled closer to him, resting my head against his chest.
The comfort and security I feel makes me light headed until my mind shut down on its own.

An abrupt creaking sound woke me up and the second I opened my eyes, Katsuki is no longer present by my side. I quickly jumped up and looked around the narrow room until he reached my filled of vision in his peach black room.

"Oh- I woke you up?" He blankly asked, his hand on the door handle almost half way open.

"Where are you going?" I asked, disregarding his question and untangling the blanket off my body.

"I'm... I'm going to talk to Deku" He said and the look on his eyes became intense and more determined, just how I like it.

"I understand" I smiled at him.

"I'll be back so... you shouldn't leave" he blushes and I chuckle.

"I don't know, we'll see.." I sneered and anchored my gaze at the clock behind his bed's headboard.

1:15 am...

He clicked his tongue before stepping out of his room.
"And please don't get in trouble you hot head hedgehog" I warned and he mopes.

"Tch! No promises, GOODNIGHT!" He slammed the door shut and I was left alone in his dark room filled with his scent or that's what I thought until the door aggressively opened.
"Don't fucking call me hedgehog dammit!" He scowled.

"Why! I think they're cute and they remind me of you—"

"WHATEVER! shut up!" The poor door was once again shut in aggression.

I couldn't help but smile as I reclined back to his bed in attempt to fall back asleep.

Well I guess he's found his resolve....
I hope it goes well.

To be continued...

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