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as soon as the lessons before lunch finish, wonwoo and soonyoung head to the cafeteria and save a table for their friends to sit at. they grab their food at sit down, waiting for the rest of their friend group to arrive.

"hey guys!" they heard a familiar voice say. they turned to see junhui waving to them and walk towards them, squeezing through the mini groups of people who were in the way. he sat down next to soonyoung and asked wonwoo, "so, how was your first tutor session with mingyu?"

wonwoo groaned just like earlier. just the mention of mingyu's name made his blood boil. "eh, shit."

"really? i think he's- alright." junhui munched on his sandwich, brushing his hair away from his eyes.

"no way! that guy was a total jerk to wonwoo!" soonyoung protested.

"i'm sure he just had his guard up. he can't be that bad right?"

"i assure you, jun. he was bad." wonwoo exaggerated, trying to convince junhui.

soonyoung laughed. "pfft. you just wanna get into his friend's pants."

"uhm, how could i not want to when a whole xu minghao exists?" junhui asked. although he was popular, mostly with girls swarming him, he still had standards and wasn't an ass to lead people on and flirt with them. when minghao transferred to the school, he fell like a sick puppy. "besides, if minghao is nice, mingyu must be nice too!"

"i- that's not how it works, junhui." wonwoo sighed. soonyoung listened in on wonwoo and junhui's conversation, but in the corner of his eye he saw a certain trio leave the cafeteria.

"uhm, won." wonwoo turned to soonyoung when he mentioned his name. "the dude you're suppose to keep an eye on just left the cafeteria."

"is he not allowed to do that?"

"i know but, aren't you meant to be like... reforming him and some shit?" soonyoung asked, his voice implying something that should be obvious to wonwoo.

"i don't need to be with him every second of the day." soonyoung gave a certain look to wonwoo. he sighed. "fine."

wonwoo stood up from the table and started to walk out of the cafeteria. with a full mouth, junhui yelled, "say hi to the love of my life for me!"

"yeah, whatever." wonwoo mumbled but chuckled at junhui's lovesick behaviour. he still questioned junhui's feelings towards minghao, wondering whether if he was joking or not. but knowing how easily junhui can catch feelings, he probably did like minghao.

knowing that the three went somewhere outside, he took the back door which lead to the bleachers and track. upon seeing three people sat at the top of the bleachers, wonwoo walked across the field and track towards them.

the trio were in the middle of talking and laughing when wonwoo called out, "hey, you shouldn't be here during lunch. you know it's against the school rules."

"and why should i listen to you again? just because for the next five weeks, you're supposedly going to be reforming me, doesn't mean i have to listen to you all the god damn time." mingyu snapped at him, looking down on wonwoo like the puny peasant mingyu thought he was.

wonwoo wasn't affected by his words and just rolled his eyes, remaining composed. "look, stop being a brat and just go back inside."

"who do you think you are calling me a brat you fucking bitc- ow!" mingyu groaned from the slap he earned on the head form minghao.

"mingyu!" minghao looks at wonwoo with an apologetic smile. "sorry about him. he can be a dickhead when people try to boss him around." he skipped down the seat of the bleachers and stood infront of wonwoo, his hand held out for him to shake. "i'm minghao."

"wonwoo, nice to meet you?" wonwoo said in a questionable tone, awkwardly shaking minghao's hand. minghao smiled and pointed up to seokmin who sat next to mingyu. "that's seokmin." 

"hi!" seokmin chirped whilst waving. wonwoo looked up and gave a small wave to seokmin.

"again, i'm sorry about mingyu."

"it's no problem. i just don't wanna get in trouble since i'm the one meant to be keeping an eye on him." wonwoo chuckled. "so could you ask mingyu and seokmin to come inside, maybe sit in the cafeteria?" he proposed. he was thinking of asking them to join him and his friends, but he didn't think that would be a good idea. all it would end up being was him and mingyu strangling each other's throats, junhui trying use his cheesy pick up lines on minghao, and seokmin and soonyoung acting like crackheads.

"we'll see. i know seokmin wouldn't mind but i can't say the same for mingyu. maybe you can go back inside and we'll join if we feel like it. we don't want to be a bother to you." minghao smiled.

"thanks for your consideration, but i can't just leave you here. who knows, you might not come in at all."

mingyu from up top managed to hear some of their conversation and mumbled to himself, "we're not babies. it's not like we need to be supervised 24/7."

"nah it's all good, i convince him to go inside at some point." wonwoo sighed, defeated. he decided to trust minghao's words and left them to it. but he knew they weren't going to come back inside.

"didn't know junhui liked such a liar."

"so? are we actually going to go inside?" seokmin asked.

mingyu laughed. "never. if he wants me to go inside, he gonna have to drag me."

minghao made his way back up to the duo and sat down. "damn, wonwoo really is insistent. i don't know how he's going to put up with you for the next five weeks."

"i'm not that bad!"

"you are! every time you're with him, all you want to do is pick a fight with him. i'm surprised he hasn't snapped at you yet." seokmin said.

"why do you do it?" minghao asked, sipping on a red iced tea. mingyu looked at him confused.

"why do i do what?"

"why do you like pissing him off so much?" mingyu thought for a second and just shrugged.

"i guess i just like seeing him angry. it's pretty funny when he's trying to stay composed when i know he's angry. i want to push his buttons and see how far i can push him before he snaps." he answers.

although it's a dick move, he wanted to play with wonwoo. he wanted to make it seem like he was wrapped around wonwoo's finger, but when in reality it was the other way around.

he was bored and wanted to play.

and boy, was he gonna play.

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