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Dahyun decided to keep her phone and messaged JYP that she won't be coming back to Seoul for a week in case they'll have something to work on. She said goodbye to Jin too.

"Ari!" She called, the dog approached her. "Did you missed me? Huh? I missed you too." Dahyun chuckled and looked at the sea. "One last time." She said and brought her phone out and took a picture of it. "Come on, Ari. Let's go home." Dahyun stood up and carried the dog.

She went to their house and let Ari play around while she went to her room to take a rest. She can't help but look at her phone if Jungkook has replies to her but none.

"I hope you're doing good." She said and sighed.

She really did kept herself away from social media while in Gyeonggi. She rearranged the places of the furniture and cleaned the house.

"Ari, come." She called, he's not looking at her but ran away. Dahyun sighed.


BTS finished their rehearsals and their manager gave their phones to them.

"Thank you!" JHope said. They all walked on different directions, Jungkook looked at them until they got out and he looked at his phone.

"Hey, How are you?"

"Good morning, have a good day."

"Have you eaten lunch?"

"How are you? I miss you."

"Sorry for calling you many times, I know you're busy."

"Hey! JK, come. We'll take a picture with Ariana!" Taehyung said, he left his phone at the table and ran with the other members. They took a picture with her before she could leave.

"Ari, Ariana." Jin chuckled. "I remember Dahyun's dog." JHope nudged him.

"That's bad."

"What's bad? Ari is Dahyun's dog's name." Jin cleared. "She's even home in our province just to see her dog." Jungkook looked at him.

"Really?" Namjoon asked.

"I want to go at the beach too, she took Ari and went there. She sent me a picture." Jin showed them.

"Woah, that's beautiful. Is she a photographer?" Taehyung asked.

"Kinda, this looks aesthetic. Hey, Jungkook. Have you called her?" Jin asked. Jungkook shook his head. "What?"

"Excuse me." Jungkook excused.


Dahyun finished the household work and get to the terrace for a clearer view of the beach. The house is not that close but you can see it.

"I wish I could stay here forever." She said and looked at her phone. "Okay, he's not calling or telling me what's going on with him, I'm just his girlfriend. I hope he's fine. I didn't get any calls from anyone." Dahyun closed the slide door of the terrace and fixed the curtain. She opened the drawer of the side table and placed her phone inside and get to her room. "I'm not supposed to be feeling like this again." She buried her face on her pillow. "Damn, sorry."

She can't sleep, she feels strange staying in their province. She's alone.

"Time check, 2:00 am. Ugh." She tries concentrating, her dog Ari gets to her bed and stayed on her side, Dahyun hugged him until she finally got her sleep.

She moved when she hears something, it's her phone ringing outside.

"Why do I still hear it loud?" She asked, still her eyes are closed. She continued sleeping when the ring stopped. It rings again and Ari got up barking at the door. "Hmm, come on! It's still early." She said and covered her head with the pillow, Ari keeps on barking. "Ugh! Ari." She got up, her eyes can't open and she went out of her room. Ari barks on the drawer. "Thank you, I almost forgot that I placed my phone here." Dahyun took her phone out of the drawer and gets back to her room. "Hello?" She answered lazily and lied down her bed again.

"Just woke up?"

"Hmm, still sleeping. I slept 2 am." She said.

"What did you do?"

"I'm not in Seoul, my body can't adjust to other places. I kept hearing the sea waves, the birds. I don't know what they're doing. By the way, who's this?" Her eyes opened wide and looked at the screen.

"Woah, woah. You didn't save my number? I am hurt."

"Jimin sunbaenim! Sorry, I am too sleepy to look at the screen. Sorry, I'm fully awake right now. Gosh." Dahyun face palmed. She could hear Jimin laughing.

"You're funny, Dahyun."

"Why are you calling, sunbae? We have time difference."

"I know, I called because I know you're still sleeping I wanted to be the one to wake you up. Lol."

"I can ignore my phone ringing, but Ari keeps on barking that's why I answer your call."

"Oh, Ari. The dog that Jin hyung's talking about."

"Oh, he told you. I want more sleep." Dahyun closed her eyes.

"Hey, I thought I fully awake you. Get up!"

"Ugh, I don't have anything to do but sleep."

"Where are you? Dahyun?" Dahyun drove to sleep again, Ari played with her phone. "Kim Dahyun~?"

Ari barked at her phone hearing Jimin.

"Woah, hi! You must be Ar--" Ari accidentally pressed the end call and kicked the phone under Dahyun's bed.


"Woah, woah. You didn't save my number? I am hurt." Jungkook saw Jimin with his phone smiling.

"Is he seeing someone?" Suga asked, Jungkook shrugged and drink his water. Suga shook his head and walked away. "You're funny, Dahyun."

He almost choked hearing him say that.

"What?" Jungkook muttered thinking he called her last night in Korea's standard time but she didn't answer.

"I know, I called because I know you're still sleeping I wanted to be the one to wake you up. Lol." Jungkook looked at Jimin smiling. "Oh, Ari. The dog that Jin hyung's talking about."

"Now she's talking about her dog." Jungkook shook his head, he looks annoyed. "Hey, I thought I fully awake you. Get up!"

"Who are you to command her?" Jungkook muttered.

"Where are you? Dahyun? Kim Dahyun~?" Jungkook held his water tight until it bursts.

"Ya!" Jin complained, the water splashed to him.

"S-sorry hyung."

"Woah, hi! You must be Ari... H-hello? Hello?" Jimin put his phone in his pocket.

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