Chapter 3

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The arrival to the base and the questions

While they were on the bus some of them started to ask questions

"So Yuki-san what is this base that you are taking us?" asked Sugawara

"Oh that is like our second house just in case something bad happens on the main one," said Yuki while driving

"But don't you guys have a driver or servants to help you out?" asked Oikawa

"We do but they only help out when one or two people are guarding the place," said Yuki

"You sure are interesting Brat!" said Nekomata

"So kid what is your job?" asked Irihata

"I'm a special soldier we have like a master that tells us what missions we take and what chores we have to do but since Mistress wanted us to visit our family or have a vacation. Some of them went back to the citadel to fix it while others are on a vacation" explained Yuki

"I see, so do you have anything planned for us today?" asked Ukai

"Well I was thinking of letting you guys do the training that we do to see what kind of weapon will suit you all the best and then while they make us lunch we will take a shower and after lunch, we can play some games if you guys would like it," said Yuki

"So when are we going to explore your base?" Asked Sawamura

"Right now by the way we have arrived," said Yuki


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