Chapter FiftySix- Vampire Shouldn't Suck

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Chapter FiftySix- Vampire Shouldn't Suck

August 3rd: Waning Gibbous

    I should have known by now that Lockheart had about the seriousness of a peanut, but I was still surprised when he decided to open his mouth and let out any bad thing he could. We were already in a pretty deep hole here and having him around wasn't helping. It also wasn't good that no one was making a move to stop the crazy guy. 

    "Vampire's seriously suck, you know that? I just can't get over how much you all just--" 

    I lunged foward, grabbed his face and shoved him into Amanda who was so out of it that she just sent him to the ground. Lockheart - to say the least - didn't look the least bit happy but quickly got himself up. 

    Everything after that went in slow motion and I couldn't help to watch as Amanda sprung into action. Apparently Sadie had recovered from her ritual and came in next to Amanda, flining fire as she went. However, none of it was doing anything to hit the vampire who practically laughed at us while he let Dylan's life drain from his body. 

    "You all fight so much for what you believe in, but I have yet to see you actually accomplish anything. The committe is dead! I have nothing else that I want besides getting rid of every last one of you starting with this brat!" 

    The vampire threw Dylan to the ground and he hit with a loud thwack. Andy and Joseph rushed to his side, holding a rag to the wound in his neck. However, with all of the blood flowing even our fast healing wouldn't get it patched up quick enough. He needed a hospital or he would surely die and I'm not sure I could take anymore death. 

    Amanda pulled herself next to me, her eyes blazing like the fire soaring through Sadie's hands. "Ren, I think he wants to die, but I also think he wants to destroy us and the town along with him. He's doing that on purpose and Sadie's too fueled to notice. Once she burns Riverwood down he's got something up his sleeve to kill us all along with himself."

     "Why would he go through all the trouble of killing the committee for taking out every vampire if he was just going to kill himself in the end?"

     "In a way I think it's his twisted way of being together with his people again. He must believe that know that he's gotten his revenge he's able to die in peace." 

    In a way Amanda's logic made sense. The vampire had been hell bent on ending the people who ended his species, but rather than die from the sorrow he took the route of revenge. However, he'd always had plans of killing himself in the end and to be with the people he'd been fighting for. It was kind of sick and twisted, but it made sense. He was a broken man and he couldn't look past anything but his hatred. In reality he just wanted a way to escape the harsh reality of being alone in the world. 

    So as I watched Sadie continue to fight him, the flames billowing around us I knew that we had to kill him. We'd have to come up with a compromise here to both save ourselves and help him move on to the next life. Our plan now though wasn't going to get that accomplished and even though we had two powerful people on our side right now they weren't the way to go about it. 

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