Truth or Dare and a Shooting Star - Zouis

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Hey guys so i got a prompt for this sooo long ago! like ages and i finally just finished it! not gonna lie this is deffinetly not my best work! i tried but i just cant do Zouis! but i hope you guys like it and sorry it took so long babe! xoxo

Zouis One Shot

"TRUTH OR DARE!" I yell slightly inebriated. We are at a party and I am sober enough to stand. I drag Eleanor over to the couch where Zayn and Perrie are sitting. Eleanor sits down with Perrie and starts gossiping. I sling my arm over Zayns shoulder and lean into his ear.

"Hey sexy how's the party?" I ask. He looks at me and grins.

"It just got better," he winks. I chuckle loudly and slap his leg. I take his hand and drag him to the middle of the floor. We sit down and I look around for the other lads. I see Harry standing a few feet away talking to some whore.

"Haz!" I whistle at him. He turns to me and walks towards us.

"Were playing truth or dare!" I laugh. He nods and sits down next to me. Liam, Niall, Eleanor and Perrie join us. I finish off my beer and place the bottle in the middle.

"I'll go first!" Zayn shouts. He grabs the bottle in his hands and spins it. It lands on me and he grins.

"Truth or dare, Louis?" he spits.

"Dare." I say obviously. He smiles evilly at me.

"I dare you to take your pants off and run around the whole house naked." he laughs. I stand up and pull my pants and boxers off in one swift move.

"You just want any excuse to see me naked Malik," I say just loud enough for him to hear. I drop my cloths and start running. I run through the kitchen gaining many frightened glances and even some horny ones. I run down the hallway where multiple couples are making out. I push past and do a U turn at the end of the hall. I skid back through the dining room and to the living room. I snatch up my pants and place them back on.

"Done that was too easy!" I laugh. The others faces are slightly amused as I reach to spin the bottle. It spins until it lands on Niall.

"Truth or dare?" I ask. Hoping he says neither taking into account that Niall is pissed out of his mind. I'm surprised he even understands me. He's so hammered he can barley see straight.

"DARE!" he unintentionally yells.

"Okay I dare you to find a girl in this room to make out with for 3 minutes straight." I say.

"Awesome!" he slurs. He stands up and stumbles forward. I raise my eyebrows questioningly at him. Before I can react he kneels down in front of Eleanor and slams his lips onto hers. I'm to shocked to move.

"Dude! That's my girlfriend!" I say. But he doesn't stop. Everyone's staring shocked at them when I realize she's kissing him back. He has his tongue deep in her mouth an she's letting him. Her hands are knotted in his hair making him stay. 2 minutes pass and he pulls away.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK NIALL!" Harry yells and laughs at the same time. I realize that I don't feel as angry as I should. Niall just made out with my girlfriend in front of me. I should be infuriated. But I'm not. I can feel eyes burning into the back of my head. I turn my glance and meet Zayns stare. I blush and look back at Niall who has his lips back on Eleanor's.

"You can have her," I hear myself say as I stand up and leave the house. I go outside and sit on the lawn. I run my hands through the grass not feeling so tipsy anymore. Meh she was a whore it's not that bad of a loss. Maybe I can make my move on Zayn now? Wait, I did not just think that! C'mon Louis you have a crush on him and you know it!

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