Chapter 1

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Author P.O.V

Two years have passed. Two years since Sasuke left the village to pursue his path of revenge. 2 years since Naruto left with Jiraiya to train. Things have changed a lot in those 2 years. Everyone have grown up to be a more mature teens. Every one have their own way to improve their skill.

By the gate, someone have walked in. The two guards looks up and looks shock upon seeing who it was.

"Hey... is that?" Izumo asks. His friend Kotetsu replies. "Yeah... there's no mistaking it..." he said. The person walks deeper into the village, then starts running up the pole.

Naruto P.O.V

"Konohagakure... the amazing Uzumaki Naruto have returned, dattebayo!!" He screams. Then he observe the village. He have a wide grin on his face. "Woah~ nothing have changed around here" then he looks at the monuments of the Hokage and notice a new one. "oh... they already added Granny Tsunade's face..." he said.

"Naruto... is that you?" I heard someone. I look down to see Sakura-Chan. "Sakura-Chan?" I said. Then I jump down the pole. She walks closer and looks at me up and down. "Woah~ you've grown a lot... you're even taller than me now..." she said. "Oh? Yeah! You're right..." I said, realizing it.

Sakura P.O.V

Then Konohamaru came. "Boss! Look at what I've got!" He said, then turning into a sexy girl. He just smile at him "hey.... Konohamaru... I am not a kid anymore..." Naruto said. I smile softly 'he really have changed...' I thought to myself.

"Really? That's all you've got! Check out my new sexy jutsu... trans-" a tick mark appear on my head as I punch him before he could finish what he said. I punch him hard on the cheek. "You never changed!" I scream angrily at him.


Naruto P.O.V

I'm standing in front of Granny Tsunade. She have a smile on her face. "I am going to give a test to see how far you've improve from this training... I want to see how far you've improve... and you'll be fighting against..." right then someone knocks on the door. "Come in!" She said. I turn around when the door is opening, to reveal Shikamaru and... who is she?

"Hey look who's here?" Sakura-Chan said, pointing at me. Shikamaru turns to me. "Naruto? Is that you??" He said. I grin at him. "The one and only!" I said. "You've changed a lot!" He said. "Not really..." Sakura-Chan said, still looking annoyed. I look down "You're really mean, Sakura-Chan..." I said, sulking slightly.

Then I stand straight and turn to Shikamaru. "So... you'll be the one I'll be fighting?" I asks. "Huh? No... I'm just here to escort her..." He said, pointing at the girl next to him. "Uh..." I said, staring at the girl.

"You'll be meeting your opponent... he's out there" granny Tsunade said, pointing at the window. I walk towards the window and open it, sticking my head out.

"Yo!" A familiar figure said. "Kakashi-Sensei!" I said feeling excited. Then I jump out the window. "Oh... you know... you know... I have something for you..." I said, taking out a book from my hostler. "Whaat?!" He said, looking shock. With shaky hands he take it from me. "I've read it... but I find it boring... but you like this kind of stuff, right?" I said.


We are now standing in the training grown, just like back then when we were younger. Only... I realize something is missing or more like someone... I look around, trying to look for the missing person.

"What's wrong, Naruto?" Sakura-Chan asks. "Um... where's Y/N-Chan?" I asks, still looking around. "Oh yeah... about that..." she start. Then she take out an envelope from her hostler and give it to me. "That's from Y/N-Chan..." she said. I take it from her and open it. Then I begin reading it.

To my best friend,
Uzumaki Naruto

Hey Naruto, you must be shock huh? But well... by the time you returned to Konoha... I'm no longer around.

I'm okay! So don't panic... I know every people who read the first two lines would think I'm dead, but I am not. I'm still alive and well.

So you must be wondering. If I'm okay... why am I not there right now, right? That's exactly why I'm writing this letter for you. So you'll know why you don't see me by the time you returned.

Well... the thing is... I've moved away... I'm not a citizen of Konoha anymore. I moved to Sunagakure, to be with Gaara.

I'm really sorry if this information shocks you. I hope you are not mad at me :(... and I hope we'll stay as friends. Also, sorry I didn't wait for your return to move away. But I have to... Gaara will be promoted as the new Kazegake and he needs me as a companion... you know what I mean, right?

Don't worry, Naruto... you'll meet a new member after I'm gone. I hope you'll get along with he/she. Don't start a fight please.

Oh and Welcome back to Konoha, Naruto... I'm sure you've grown a lot stronger now. I'll make sure to keep in contact with you.

Your Sincerely,

"She... she moved away..." I stutter out. I didn't even notice the tears streaming down my cheeks. "Yeah... she was hesitating so much... but she doesn't have a choice but to go. She wanted so much to wait for you to return, before leaving... but she's needed there... by Gaara's side" Kakashi-Sensei said. I let out a sigh "it's okay... I guess... Gaara's going to be Kazekage... I understand... Wait?! Gaara's the new Kazekage?!!" I scream out in shock. They just stare at me wide-eyed, surprised by my sudden outburst. But I just stand there feeling completely dumbfounded.

Gaara's the new Kazegake... don't worry Gaara, some day I'll too be the Hokage. Just you wait, Datebayo!!

*to be continued*

A/N: wow~ you guys actually love the first book and requested for a sequel.

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