Kian lawley~ break up

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You and kian had been going out for the past 3 years and you have been keeping a lot of secrets from him and kian has been keeping a lot if secrets from you.

You are both sitting in a cafe kian drove you to and kian grabs your hands and you look up in to his eyes.

"Babe" kian said as he looks down breaking the eye contact

"Yeah?" you ask not knowing what's going to happen

"I have to tell you something but promise you won't get mad or upset" kian said with tears in his eyes

"What is it kian?" You asked scared

"I love you...." Kian stopped half way through the sentence

"Kian just tell me what it is now" you demanded

"Icheatedonyouwithoneofyourbestfriends" kian said quickly leaving you confused

"Say it slower" you said calmly

"Okay, I-I cheated-d on you w-with one of your b-best friends" kian said quietly but you could still hear

"How could you kian! I thought you loved me" you shouted causing everyone to look over to you.

"Y/N I love you" kian said as you ran out the cafe

You look back one more time as you start crying

"DONT EVER SAY YOU LOVE ME, ALL THIS TIME IT HAS BEEN A LIE, WE ARE OVER DONT THINK ABOUT CONTACTING ME EVER AGAIN" you shout at kian as you keep running in to the middle of nowhere.

You finally stop and process what just happened and cry even harder, you and kian have been through a lot the past 3 years...


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