Sleep Princess Sleep

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        "Hi Aom baby, Daddy is home!" Mike drops his bag and spreads his hands widely as he is welcoming the little baby into his embrace. Pie carries little Aom to Mike and hands her to him as she reached his side. The baby is so delightful to see her father, Pie could tell it by the way she giggles when Mike kisses her nose.

            "Your duty ended earlier today?" Pie asks to Mike and picks up his bag from the floor. They walks together to the dining table. The food is ready.

            "Aah, yes. How are you today?" Mike takes a glance to Pie and then focusing his attention to his daughter. Little Aom keeps touching his face with her tiny hands.

            "I'm fine?" Pie gazes to Mike weirdly. What kind of question is that?

            "Shak told me you didn't take your lunch?" Mike says out of sudden. They sit around the dining table with Aom on his lap.

            "Err.. I lost my appetite to eat today." Pie stutters. She was totally trapped.

            "You should eat some. What if you fall sick? Aom will miss her Mummy." Mike said while taking Aom's hands and makes an action like she is crying. Pie laughs because of that.

            "Let's eat our dinner now.I'm hungry." Pie changes their topic and put their meal onto the plates. Little Aom sits on her special chair beside Mike. She is getting naughtier. Mike has to distance her from the dining table as she starts to learn to grab stuffs around her. Baby is growing up!

            "We're leaving, Pie. See you tomorrow." Mike said. Aom is sleeping soundly in his arms. It's their daily routine. After taking their dinner, Mike will play for awhile with Aom until she feels tired and yet time for her to sleep. Who sings the lullaby for her? Of course it's Pie.

            "Drive safely." Pie smiles to him and at the same time she plants a kiss on Aom's forehead. It is not really hard to look after Aom. She is a good girl.

            "Mike, are you sure you can handle all of this? Don't you think you need a companion to take care of Aom and also you?" Aom blurts  what she has in her mind. Mike gazes to her and curves his faint smile.

            "You don't want to take care of Aom anymore?" Mike raises his eyebrows as he utters her golden question to Pie.

            "No! It is not what I meant." Pie shakes her head. Mike might misunderstood her words earlier.

            "I just think being a single father is not that easy Mike. She is growing up yet she needs your love and attentions while you have so much responsibilities to handle. Could you dwell your body into two and do all the tasks as parents and also as a cop? You know how your work is." Pie explains long.

            "I thought you could always be her mother." Mike countered her. Pie knew he has a different meaning behind his statement.

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