We Aren't Together

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One and half year later

            "Alright baby, Daddy has to go to work.Come to Mummy." The six months baby girl exchanged hands. The little baby whine as if she don't want to be apart from the Daddy.

            "Aww..Daddy want to spend my time with you too but Daddy has important duty today. See you at night okay?" The father soothes and kisses her soft cheeks.

            "You should go now, Mike. You might be late." Pie reminds him as she glances to the clock. It struck 8.30 a.m and Mike has to arrive at the police station at 9.00 a.m. The traffic in Bangkok isn't really flow during this peak hour. He won't manage to arrive on time if he come out late.

            "Yeah, you're right." Mike also looks to his wrist watch. He walks first and Pie follows from behind, heading the main door of the villa.

            "Would you come home for lunch?" Pie asks to him as he put on his black shiny shoes. He is so neat in his police uniform.

            "I don't think so. I have an important duty today." He smiles to Pie and then diverts his gaze to his beloved daughter. She is so cute just like her mother.

            "Okay." Pie nods knowingly. She hands the bag that Mike always bring to his work to him.

            "Pie, are you alright?" Mike asks. He senses that Pie didn't talk that much this morning like she thinks too much in her mind.

            "I'm fine." Pie assures him. The biggest lie that Mike can always figure out because she really don't know how to hide her expression and feeling.

            "Do you still thinking about her?" Mike tilts up Pie's chin so that she could face him.

            "What are you talking about? Today it is enough of one and half year she left me. Why should I think and care about her?" Pie scoffs sarcastically. She looks away from Mike's gaze.

            "You said you don't care about her anymore but you count the days she left you." Mike said half smiling while shaking his head. Pie can't tell him lies.

            "You're going to be late." Pie avoids to answer him any longer. Lucky that the time is running leaving them. Mike really could be late to his work.

            "See you at night. Call me immediately if you need anything." Mike reminds her and walks fast to his car. Pie just nods her head, signalling that she got what Mike told her.

            "Let's go baby. We'll spend our time together." Pie said to her little baby as Mike's car slowly fade away from her gaze, leaving the villa's yard.

The villa's living room


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