Vampire Sisters ch.3: The Meeting

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Ch.3 vampire sisters: The Meeting

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Clare sat there confused as to why I kept glaring at the two gorguos guys sitting across from us. Finally i said " Why did you do this to us?"

Clare says "Wait first what the heall are your names?!?!?"

The one sitting across from me says " I'm Tim..."

His friend cheerily says " And I'm Damien!!!"

I thought Tim was the sexiest MAN I have ever laid eyes on! With his light chocolate colored eyes, light blonde hair, high cheek bones and long eylashes (YUUUUUUUMMY)!!!!!!! Also his perfectly buffed and tanned body just kills me, that is if that could kill me. His tan has a sort of whitish tint to it, probably because he's a vampire... (it's kind of like mine but mines alot better and darker)

That's when I heard something...It sounded like my sisters voice but that was crazey she was right next to me and silently listening to us. then i heard it again and it was saying this: " Damien is SOOOOOO H - O -T hot!!! With his longish, sandy brown hair in a loose smexy bun right at the base of his neck!!! Also with that light but yummy tan thats alot darker than my pale white skin. Oh and i can see all that hot muscle under his tight shirt. but I think its his eyes that have me hooked like a fish!!! It's those light blue eyes that can see straight into my soul!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM."

I looked at my sister with confusion and utter surprise on my face and said " Clare, did you say something?!?!?!"

Clare shocked says " No but i thought something!!!"   

 So I said " Quick think something again!!! "

Clare thinks: " I want pancakes smothered in blood syrup!!!! MMMMMMMMMM...."

Next  i siad " You thought I want pancakes smothered in blood syrup!!!!!!!!!MMMMMMMMMM..."

In the heat of all this twin telepathy stuff I completely forgot Tim and Damien were sitting across from us. I turn to Tim and say " Why the fuck did you do this to us!?!?!?!?"

Tim says " We didn't mean to it was a total accident."

Damien pipes in to add " We really didn't we meant to kill both of you!!!"

I say " Oh thank you sooo much captain obvious, 'cause thats sooooo much better!!!!!"

Through all my ferocious anger i faintly hear clare saying " Calm down holly no need to make a scene. I mean people are starting to stare!"

I turn to her and say "  Clare i love you and don't mean to take all my anger out on you but I need to fight our battles for us for two reasons. Reason A) I am not nearly as shy as you, and B) Ever since mom and dad died you have been more shy and letting people walk all over you, well it all ends here! "

We might be twins but other than how we look we are complete opposites. I'm super out going and sooo much more athletic than her, I'm also very loud and flexible. ( like i'm good in gymnastics and can do all types of splits, put both feet beehind my head, do a stretch kick so high my leg hits my head.) My sister isn't flexible or athletic ( but she's been talking about playing lacross lately ) and is pretty good at singing. One of the few things we have in common is a mutual love of all animals. But i love her to death.

My thoughts were interrupted when tim said " Yea I can most definitley see that."

I say " Bitch don't fuckin talk to me like that!!!!! If youfreakin know whats good for you, you peice of shit!!!!!!! "

Damien then cut in, before Tim could push me farther and farther towards and then off beat down ledge and I jump across the table to rip that dumb asses head off, saying " No need to be an asshole in front of these to lovely young ladies whose names I still do not know."

Clare feeling brave enough to speak with all the tension in the air says " I'm Clare and this is my twin Holly"

tim being the dumb ass he is says " So you guys have twin telepathy?"

I snapped back " Well first off you're a dumbo for calling us guys because we are obviously young WOMEN!!! And secondly yes apparently we do have twin telepathy thanks to you and your friend."

 Then Damien says "He's not my friend, he's my brother and BEST friend. But he's older by a year, I'm18 and he's 19."

So I retort " Why are you here, are you here to hurt us again?!?!?"

Tim said " No we mean no harm, we just want to talk."

I looked into both of their eyes and saw they meant every word they said. Then i looked at my sister and nodded while saying " Why don't we go somewhere more private like our apartment."

The guys nodded and my sister thought to me: " What?!?!?!?!"

I thought back: " I know what I'm doing!!! "

So we all walked to the apartment Clare and I share. Outside the apartment I told the guys, " Just to make sure you're not trying to trick us empty out you pockets!!! "

They both had the samething; wallets, cellphones and change for 1 dollar. So maybe they were telling the truth after all. Since they didn't have anything that would harm me or my sister I opened the door to let us all in. I heard Clare think: " I hope you know what youre doing, oh and don't let them out of your sight for one second! " I nodded and stepped through the threshhold of our apartment, for the first time in this new life of ours. Then I said to the guys, " Go ahead and make yourselves at home..." Then with attitude and anger, " But if you know whats good for yourselves you two won't get to at home! "

I kind of made it a little threat because i wanted them to know who the hell they're dealing with here.

I added " Oh yea and I'm asking the questions from now on and if you don't tell the truth... well lets just say you'll see what happens..."

I left the rest to the imagination with the torture of the human/vampire mind. Then i saw Tim wince and Damien shudder, and I smiled knowing that my threat had sunken in and worked.  

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