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“Pie, wake up honey.” Kim shook Pie gently. Pie sleeps soundly in her arms. Her warm breath brushed her neck, sending a tickling sense through her body.

            “Ermm..I’m still sleepy and tired too.” Pie whines softly and snuggles closer to Kim. She feels it, their bare skin touched.

            “I think it’s already morning Pie.” Kim said and caresses her  hair.  When she opened her eyes just now, everything seems dark. Just then, she remember the fact that she can’t see with her eyes.

            “It’s you who made me worn out.” Pie put the blame on Kim which caught  the tom to giggle. Their ‘game’ last night was so awesome.

            “Alright. Alright. It’s my fault.” Kim wraps her arms around Pie tighter. Pie mouns softly when Kim’s warm body touched her cold skin.

“Can you pull the blanket up a bit. I’m cold.” Pie whines like a baby. Kim did what Pie requested to her.

“Do you need some massage?” Kim asks to Pie. Without waiting for Pie’s response, Kim already rubs Pie’s back with her hands, give the tired girl a gentle massage.

“Kimmm, are you trying to seduce me..?” Pie mouns when Kim’s hands trails down from her shoulder to her back continuosly.

“No. You said you’re tired.” Kim continue to give massage to Pie.

“Stop it. It’s tickling me.” Pie giggles and holds Kim’s hand. Lazily, she opens her eyes and peeks up to Kim. Kim is smiling.

“I wish we could stay like this forever.” Pie pecks Kim’s lips. It’s so good to cuddle in bed with Kim and feel her warmth. She feels safe.

“Me too. But time won’t await us. Now get up and take your bath.”  Kim chuckles and she purposely pinches Pie’s cheek.

“Ahhh.. Why you need to rush? Where are we going?” Pie pulls her long face. A bit sulky with Kim. She thought Kim would spoil her even more but she was wrong.

“We are going to meet the doctor and go home right?” Kim reminds Pie. Only that Pie realized that they are not even at their villa. It’s one of the room in the orphanage.

“Ah, you’re right.” Pie sighs. She grops for her phone and found it under Kim’s pillow. When she takes a look on the watch, it shows that it is 8.00 a.m.

“It’s only 8.00 a.m.” Pie told Kim.

“Oh. Good then, we have plenty time to settle this. I can’t wait to come back home.” There’s a cheerful tone in Kim’s voice. She just can’t wait to get home. Pie got excited too.

“You take your bath first. I’ll have it after you.” Pie chuckles and grabs the whole blanket for her. She curls up in the blanket and cocoons herself.

“Pie! Why did you take the blanket.” Kim covers her naked body with her hands.

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