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My heart sank at the thought of being stranded out here all alone. I'm alive but I'm laying like a dead body. I feel my whole body numb. I could not sit up or turn my body from its side. Even if I have tried to, my efforts are useless. All I could do is breathe softly. I don't know how long I have been staying here. It seems like I'd lost the track of time. What should I call this place? I, myself can't figure it out. It has been ages I didn't see daylight. My eyes were covered with a bandage which wrapped carefully around my head. That lady never open it for me. Darkness engulfed me everyday. It didn't scared be but I feel empty. Did Pie feel the same when she was blind? Talking about Pie, how is she right now? Is she fine? She must be worried  and always waiting for me to come home. I miss Pie. I really do.

The lady who treated me this awhile told me Pie often came here but whenever I asked her to take me to Pie, she always gave the same answer, "You can't see her Kimhan."  What is she talking about? Then, what is her purpose of taking Pie here? What is this place? What is Pie doing here? What is her motif of keeping and hiding me? She wouldn't answer me. If she did, she still didn't answer my questions. She would say  "I'm here to help."  It doesn't help at all.  There's one thing that made me very suspicious of her. I think she didn't realize it but she often call me Leo instead of Kimhan. Who is Leo? Nah, I don't care about that Leo. Whatever it is, I need to find a way to escape from this place. I don't want to stay here any longer.

It's the final week before the function takes place. Roughly, Pie had spent almost three weeks with them, practising and training for the performance. Today they ended their practice a bit late than usual. When Pie wanted to excuse herself to go home it is already late in the evening. Grandma insisted her to stay and spend overnight at this orphanage. Pie wanted to refuse but when she thought that she has nothing to do at her villa, she agreed with Grandma's suggestion. She gets along so well with Grandma and also the children of the orphanage. She even manage to remember half of their name. They ate dinner together and now it's time for them to rest, including Pie.

            "Ms.Pie, here's your room. Make yourself at home." Tavee opens the room's door for Pie and let the petite girl to enter first. The room is located at the second floor of the orphanage.

            "Ah, thank you, Doctor. This is more than good." Pie turns to Tavee and thanks her. The room is just comfortable for Pie to have a rest. It has its own toilet and bathroom too.

            "I think you should rest first. Excuse me Ms.Pie. I'll have my night shift. Good night." Tavee closes the door and left Pie in the room.

            "Err..How would I get a change?" Pie just realizes that she forgot to ask Dr.Tavee for any clean clothes.

            "Ah, Ms.Pie. I forgot to tell you that you can have a clean clothes inside the wardrobe. All you need is there too." Dr.Tavee's voice answers her question out of nowhere. Pie is a bit startle when suddenly she sees Dr.Tavee cranes her neck through the door.

            "Alright Dr.Tavee. Thank you." Pie grins weirdly to her. Tavee is always mysterious. She left after that.

"TOK. TOK. TOK." Pie is about to look for her need  from  the wardrobe when suddenly someone knocks the door.

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