Kim's Missing

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            "Jane, look around. Try to find Pie." Zee says to Jane. She slows down her car movement. Both Zee and Jane were about to go home after their office hour when suddenly Pie called Zee. Pie is crying. Her voice disperse within her sobbing until they can't hear what Pie was trying to tell them. Only the last line of her words caught Zee's hearing — Kim. Jane took the call and tried to talk with Pie. Only then they knew, Pie is at the park.

            "I didn't see her." Jane can't hide her worries. She suspected something went wrong.

            "Did she tell you where she is? Specific location?" Zee also throws her sight out of the window. How she wished that her eyes could be like a camera lenses which can zoom in and zoom out at that moment.

            "Zee! Zee! Stop!" Jane pats Zee's arm repeatedly, making the latter steps on the brake paddle immediately.

            "Pie? You found Pie?" Zee traces Jane's gaze. She's looking to one direction or specifically a public toilet. There's a petite girl walking back and forth frantically.

            "I think she's Pie." Jane unbuckles her seat belt and goes out from the car first. Zee focuses her eyes to that girl.

            "She is Pie." She also steps out from the car and traces Jane who already gets Pie.

            "Pie, why are you crying? Where is Kim?" Zee asks to Pie who is crying in Jane's embrace.

            "I don't know where is Kim." Pie shakes her head. Her eyes swollen and her face was so red like she has been crying for hours. Zee remembers what Kim told her, Pie is so fragile.

            "What?" Zee frowns. Jane holds that tom's arm signalling her not to worsen the situation.

            "Tell me Pie, what is really happening." Jane is more calm in handling this kind of matter. She's sweet, kind and more mature than her age. That's what caught Zee's heart.

            "Kim went to the toilet to wash her hands. I wait for her for almost an hour but she didn't come back." Pie tries to talk steadily within her hiccup because of too much crying.

            "Have you tried to call her?" Zee peeks down to look to Pie for the assurance.

            "She didn't pick up the calls." Pie cries even more. Zee stares to Pie with her blank face. She lost her words. Where has Kim gone to? If she intended  to make a prank to Pie, it is not the right time. The dusk nearly come, the clouds are getting heavy, the weather's forecast is right. Soon it's going to rain.

            "What if we try to look for Kim? Who knows she is still around." Jane comes out with her suggestion. Zee diverts her gaze to her girlfriend and nods her agreement.

            "Alright. We spread. Pie, you'll go with Jane. I'll find Kim alone. Whether you find Kim or not we'll meet later here at 6.30 p.m." Zee strokes Pie's hair soflty. She feels pity towards her. Zee steps back and before she starts her mission to find Kim, she glances back to Jane for the last time, making a brief eye contact telling her girlfriend  to look after Pie. 

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