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People said, when you're in love with someone, you're willing to do anything for  them. Even if you have to hike the Everest mountain, even if you have to risk your life by swimming  in the river full of piranhas  or  went  through the thick forests of Amazon, you'll endure everything  just to fulfill the wishes of your loved one. Nah, all of those things are just a hyperbola way to show your unconditional love towards your partner. What if I said, the best way to prove that if you really love a girl is to face the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or period pain that comes every month patiently? For some girls it might not be that serious but for this girl, it is so worst.

Here we go, this is the first time for Kim to face such things as they are now living under the same roof. Pie oh Pie!

"Haachuum!" Pie sneezes loudly. This is the side effect of playing in the rain yesterday. Pie catches cold, have a slight fever and  not only that, Pie is now on her period.

"Here's your tissue." Kim picks a piece of tissue from the tissue box and hands it  to Pie. She sits at the edge of the bed, staring to Pie who is now looks like an Eskimo people with her  thick sweater.

"I can't breathe well." Pie complains to Kim while blowing the overloaded mucus inside her nose. Her runny nose makes she feel uncomfortable.

"I told you earlier. It isn't a good idea to play in rain." Kim gives Pie another clean tissues.

"I know I was so wrong. You don't need to say it  to me continuously." Pie snaps the tissues paper from Kim angrily. In Pie's calculation, Kim has said that thing for twenty times.

"Kimmy, it feels like I want to die. I only manage to inhale little oxygen through my nostril." Pie whines like a big crying baby.

"What if we put some Vicks. It says that it is for symptomatic relief from blocked nose and cough due to cold. Massage on throat, chest and back." Kim grabs the small blue bottle of oinment and read  its directions for use to Pie.

"No! I don't want to use that Vicks. It gives me some itches. My skin is so sensitive." Pie pushes Kim's hand signalling that she didn't agree with Kim's suggestion.

"Then, what should we do? You have take your meds. It's just it isn't fully working yet." Kim scratches her head. She doesn't know how she could help Pie with her runny nose.

"You think it! Do you want to see me die out of breath?" Pie pulls her long face and folds her arms grumpily. Well, well. Here it comes, mood swing.

"Do you need CPR?" Kim doesn't know why she said such a stupid suggestion to Pie. She gulps hardly when she realizes that it might arise Pie's anger.

"Aww..Kimmy, you're so tricky. I bet you want to kiss me." Pie turns to look to Kim. She squints her eyes as if she is teasing Kim with the suggestion.

"Nooo..I won't! I might get flu too." Kim utters that NO long and  turns her gaze to the other direction.

"Kimmy don't love me anymore. This is just a flu. What if one day I get a critical disease? You'll leave me?" Pie's voice is shaking. When Kim diverts her gaze to Pie, she sees that Pie is at the verge of crying.

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