I Can't Hold Myself

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KimPie’s Villa


            “Almost done!” Pie puts a plate of sausage on the dining table. She checks again what has she prepared for their breakfast. The coffee has been brewed. Checked! Toast. Checked! Butter. Checked! All checked!

            “Wait! Where’s my omelette?” Pie suddenly realises that it is not on the table yet.

            “I’ll make it now.” She walks to the kitchen back. Today, Pie decides to prepare the breakfast on her own. Even the maids wanted to help her, she insisted that she can do it by herself. Don’t pretend that you didn’t know her reason. Of course she wants it to be special for Kim.

            “Ms.Pie, anything I can help you?” It’s Shak. She is the one who stayed at the kitchen, in case Pie needs some help. The other maids, Pie told them to leave the kitchen as she don’t want anybody to disturb her.

            “I think no, Shak.” Pie glances to Shak and goes straight to the stove.

            “Ms.Pie, I think I’ll lose my job soon.” Shak sighs heavily as she stares to Pie.

            “It won’t be. Nah, help me to get some eggs.” Pie chuckles to see Shak’s face. She’s thinking too much but Pie understands how does she feels. Shak might think that Kim will fire her when Kim found that Pie is the one who works at the kitchen instead of the maids.

            “Here Ms.Pie.” Shak comes to her side with the eggs.

            “Shak, could you please check if anybody has do the laundry?” Pie tries to find a way for Shak to leave her alone at the kitchen. It’s not because Pie feel uncomfortable with her presence, but Pie really wants to have the kitchen all by herself.

            “Alright Ms.Pie.” The maids obediently follows the order from Pie and quickly makes her way to leave the kitchen.

            “Good Shak.” Pie giggles alone and continues making her omelette.

            “Morning.” Someone wraps her arms around Pie’s waist from the back and hooks her chin on Pie’s right shoulder. It’s Kim.

            “Morning honey.” Pie turns her head a little to look to Kim. In no time, Kim kisses Pie’s cheek.

            “Why don’t you wake me up?” Kim asks to Pie who is still busy with her omelette.

            “You sleep so tight that I didn’t bear to disturb your lovely slumber.” Pie answers Kim and turns off the stove. Omelette is ready.

            “Let’s have our breakfast?” Pie can’t move anywhere since Kim still hugging her so tight from the back.

            “Where are all maids? Why did you’re the one who prepare the breakfast?” Kim loosens her embrace on Pie. Pie can see that Kim’s eyes roam around to search for the maids.

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