'Cause All of Me Loves All of You

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"Since when you want to hear my voice and listen to me?"  Kim's voice still echoes through Pie's heart. She sits hopelessly on the floor, still at the same place where she helped Kim to have her hair trimmed but what's different  now Kim is nowhere to be seen. She left Pie awhile ago. Bitterness fills her mind. How would she convince Kim that she will be Kim's good girl, the one who would stay by her side in up and down, the one who would listen to what Kim wanted to tell no matter how mundane the topics would be, the one who is willing to spend the rest of her life with that  tom. How could she prove that when Kim seems to hate her.

            "Kimmy..I'm sorry." There's no tears but a heavy sigh escapes from Pie's mouth, despair engulfs her.

            "PICK ME UP! PICK ME UP!" Pie startles like a shocked rabbit when suddenly her phone rings.

            "Haishh! You're so noisy!" Pie mutters alone while taking her phone out from her pocket.

            "MOM" Pie's eyes widen when she sees the caller ID.

            "Oh crap! I forgot to tell Mom." Pie curses herself.

            "Hello Mom." Pie answers the call calmly. She's ready with any possibilities that she might be scolded by her Mom for not informing her where she has gone to. Her Mom might be worried because she didn't come home since yesterday.

            "Hello Pie. How are you?" Mom asks her like there's nothing bothering her mind.

            "Mom?" Pie bewilders, completely astonished with her hearing. There's no sign that Mom would get mad with her.

            "Yes honey? You don't answer me. How's your life with Kim?" Pie blinks her eyes for a few times, she's trying to adjust her mind with her hearing once again.

            "Fine. We are good." Pie pauses for awhile.

            "Mom, how did you know that I'm with Kim?" Pie can't hold her curiosity any longer. It's so weird. She haven't tell her Mom yet that she already moved in to this villa with Kim.

            "Your Mama and Papa told us." Mom chuckles at the end of line.

            "Oh.." Her mouth forms a perfect O in surprise. So, Mr and Mrs.Jittaleela really had settled everything for her.

            "Pie, take care of yourself and Kim too. If we have time, we will visit you there or maybe you can come back for awhile too." Mom tries to sound cheerful but Pie knows that her mother is quite sad that she didn't stay at their own house right now.

            "Alright Mom. Take care of yourself too. We are not that far, I still can come back home anytime." Pie chuckles. Yeah, their villa is still in Bangkok. It's just the villa is quite far from the hectic life of the city. Not really at the country side but Pie don't know how to explain it.

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