The Fault In Their Thoughts

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Pie's Flashback

            "No — No — No! We can't give this to Pie." Puey snatched the envelope from Fern and put it aside.

            "Yeah. Kim doesn't want Pie to know it either." Fern sighs and stared to the the cream — color envelope that they placed on Pie's bed.

            "But Mrs.Kluidom said Pie should come too." Puey shakes Fern's arm. They just came back from visiting Yam at her house when Mrs.Kluidom handed them three envelopes. The invitation cards.

            "But Kim doesn't want Pie to know this!" Fern hissed as she removed Puey's hands from her arm.

            "Fern, how could this be? I know there's must be something wrong." Puey massaged his temple. Thinking of what they should say to Pie gave him headache.

            "I don't know too, Squid! You think." Fern messed her hair and dropped her body on Pie's bed.

            "What are you two talking about?" Pie came out from the bathroom while wiping her wet hair.

            "Oh..Nothing! We are waiting for you." Puey gulped and quickly  hid the envelope behind his back.

            "Yeah..We are waiting for you." Fern jerked up from the bed like a spring.

            "I know there must be something. Look at your face." Pie pointed her finger her best friends' face.

            "Princess, we come here to visit you. You know, I miss you so much." Puey passed the envelope to Fern as Pie sat beside him. Since Pie broke up with Kim, she decided to stop working at Aunty Inn's Bistro and never come out from her house. Not even once.

            "Really?" Pie stood up and changed her sitting position to be beside Fern.

            "This Squid keeps nagging me to take him to meet you." Fern forced herself to smile at Pie. At the same time she passed the envelope back to Puey.

            "Oh.." Pie nodded her head knowingly.

            "What about this?" Pie yanked the envelop from Fern's back and lifted it up to the air.

Fern looked to Puey with her shocking face while Puey's face already drained with color. "It's not my hand." Fern can read Puey's lips.

            "Oh, it's for me. Who's gonna get married here?" Pie exclaimed in surprise as she realized that the envelope of the wedding invitation was addressed to her.

            "Pie.." Both of Fern and Puey didn't manage to stop Pie as Pie already took out the card from the envelope.

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