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Pie and Alice's Bedroom.

            "Am I look good in this dress?" Pie asks to her sister, Alice through the reflection from the mirror. Alice is sitting on the bed, watching Pie who is busy checking herself in front of the mirror.

            "It's the tenth times you ask me the same thing to me. I swear if you ask me for the eleventh times, you'll turn to ugly witch." Alice rolls her eyes to Pie and obviously Pie can see that.

            "Alice!" Pie turns her body to face her sister. She folds her arms and glares to Alice.

            "Oh my! I can't believe that I'll say this but my dearest big sister, Pie Mindara Manaying, you are beautiful and nice as always." Alice  walks closer to Pie.

            "Nothing to worry. Any clothes match you very well." Alice says as she pinches Pie's cheeks.

            "I wonder what kind of surprise, you'll get tonight. Do you know it?" Alice is so curious.

            "I don't know. It wouldn't be surprise anymore if I knew it either." Pie shrugs.

            "What if P'Kim proposes to you?" By looking to the way Pie dressed up and how excited her sister is, Alice starts to come out with her theory.

            "I don't think so." Pie blinking several times. Shock.

            "Why?" Alice recoils. She drops her ass on the bed again, frustrated with her sister's reaction. Pie didn't bother to answer Alice neither. She just keep fixing her dress and hair.

            "What if P'Kim takes you for a romantic dinner?" Alice guesses another theory of hers. Well, typical birthday's celebration where boyfriend takes her girlfriend out for dinner. It must be romantic one!

            "Maybe." Pie thinks that Alice might be true.

            "Don't you think that  this is the first time I'll have a dinner for my birthday with Kim?" Pie asks back to Alice.

            "Oh yeah." Alice starts to realize the truth. Pie has never went out for a dinner date with Kim before.

            "And I ain't sure about that romantic dinner though. Kim has never done anything romantic to me before." Pie informs that to Alice. Upon hearing that Alice's jaw drops, utterly dumbfounded to hear the fact about Kim. The unromantic future brother — in — law.

            "How come you can date a guy like him? What a pathetic girlfriend you are!" Alice taps on her temple, then raises her hand over her face in a mocking gesture.

            "Shut up! It's my love life anyway. Not yours." Pie hits Alice with a pillow. The room was filled with their laughter, shrieks and teasing words.

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