Fern's Surprise

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            "Drtt..Drtt..Drtt..Drtt" The repeated vibrating and beeping sound from Kim's phone electrocutes her brain to reality. She glances to her wristwatch. 4.30 p.m. Who would ever call her at this hour?

She quickly grabs the phone which she puts at the right side of her desk. She reads the name that appears on the screen. MY GIRL.

            "Oh My Goodness! 10 missed call?" Kim gulps. One thing that flashes in her mind. Run to the top of this building and jump. She is so dead.

            "Hello Pie." Kim answers the call. Cold sweat trickles down her forehead.

            "Kim?" Pie's voice sounds normal. Kim guesses Pie doesn't boils up yet.

            "Yes princess, anything I can do for you, Your Highness?" Kim thinks it might help if she said like that.

            "Kim, why you don't pick up my calls? Are you busy?" Pie still with her normal tone. Seems like she feels guilty to call Kim during her office hour.  As for Kim, this is so weird. Pie doesn't get mad with her?

            "I'm sorry Pie. I'm wrapped in my work until I didn't notice you call me. What's up my girl? Do you miss me?" Kim fakes her chuckles. Perhaps her jokes will just boost Pie's anger.

            "Miss you? Ehmm..let's see. No!" Pie's voice turns stern. The real Pie is showing up. Fierce shorty Pie.

            "Okay. Okay. Miss me or not, I'll fetch you later. See you in another one hour." Kim says calmly. If she teases Pie more, the situation wouldn't get better.

            "No need to fetch me. I am already at your place." Pie says with her steady intonation. Pie is so unpredictable.

            "Huh?" Kim seems so shock to hear what Pie told her.

            "What with your huh? I have your apartment's key remember?" Pie shakes the bunch of keys until a clink sound can be heard.

            "Oh yeah. You're right." Kim is actually forgot that Pie also has her apartment's key.

            "See you later okay? I've to finish some other work. Love you. Muah." Kim hangs up the call.

Pie's POV

            "Kim? Kim?" I call her name. She already hung up her phone. Stupid Kim. I haven't finish yet. I have something to tell her but never mind, I'll just wait for her to come back from work.

            Now, what I'm going to do here? I have to wait for another one hour, ALONE. Mom is right, Kim's place is not that far from our house but I'm just too afraid that I can't reach here on time. Today I have a big mission and I know, if I ask Kim to join this mission on the way she drives me to my working place, she won't agree with it. So, I have no choice. I have to come here and force her to join it. Am I sound like a dictator?

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