Special Appearance

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Aunty Inn's Bistro

            The trio best friends are sitting at their marked spot inside the bistro, having some chit chat when suddenly....

            "Oh My God!" Puey exclaims. He covers his mouth with his hands in order to hide his shocking face.

            "Puey? Why?" Both Pie and Fern ask at the same time.

Instead of answering them, Puey pulls Pie's left hand and lifts it up to the air just enough to their eyes level.

            "Oh My God!" Now, it is Fern's turn to be shocked with what she saw.

            "What happen to both of you? Anything wrong with my hand?" Pie still confuse with her friends reaction. She looks to her hand, nothing out of ordinary. All complete. Five fingers.

            "Tell us princess, what's with this ring?" Puey smirks.

            "Did Kim propose to you? Oh my! My best friend is going to get married!" Fern is now over excited. Perhaps she has a lot of plans and ideas in her brain.

            "No." Pie pulls her hand from Puey.

            "You crazy Fern!" Pie smacks Fern's head hardly.

            "Then, where did you get this diamond ring? It looks exquisite and expensive too?" Fern didn't affected with Pie's smack. She pulls Pie's hand again and observes the ring on Pie's finger.

            "Of course it's from Kim. Her gift for me for our fifth anniversary." Both Fern and Puey change their gaze and then turn to look to Pie.

            "What?" Pie frown. They look to Pie as if she is doing a big mistake.

            "Wow! You two have been together for five years? Quite a long time." Puey seems didn't believe with that.

            "So, you can accept the real Kim now?" Fern tries to guess. But it is more to dig another secrets from Pie.

            "Perhaps. She begged for the second chance and I think she deserve that." Pie sighs.

            "Oh." Fern nods knowingly.

            "Hey Fern, how is Yam now?" Puey suddenly changes their topic as he can feel the tense in the air.

            "Her health and condition is getting worst. She will have an operation tomorrow." Fern confirms that to Puey.

            "What happened  to Yam?" Pie's question catches the two of them off guard.

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