The Second Chance

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Kim and Pie are in the car where Kim is driving Pie home from Aunty Inn's Bistro.

 "Sniff. Sniff." The air inside the car was filled with sweaty smell. "Did Kim still went to the gym? I wonder if she really went to gym? Should I ask her about it? I am so curious but I don't want to talk to her. What should I do? I want to know where was she going just now." Pie is struggling with her ego and her curiosity.

            "I'm sorry with my sweaty smell." Kim realised how Pie's face expression changed. She might feel uncomfortable with it.

            "Just come back from gym and pick you straight away." Kim says while her  right hand reaches out to the control button at her side, turning down all four  windows of the car.

            Pie just nods her head knowingly. Still she don't want to talk to Kim. "Does she has a special ability to read others mind like Tiger too?" Pie thinks herself.

            "You seems happy tonight. Any interesting stories that you want to share with me?" Kim never tired of finding a way to make Pie talk to her.

            "No. It's nothing." Pie lies. "Actually yes. I just met the right prince charming for me." Pie says in her mind.

They remain silent along the journey to Pie's house. Kim seems so deep in her own thought while Pie throws her sight anywhere but not Kim.

            "Okay. Here we are." Kim stops her car which caught Pie's attention and broke her reverie.

            "Pie, do you know the 21 letters of the alphabet?" Kim asks to Pie as she unbuckled her seat belt.

            "Huh? There are 26 letters." Pie stares to Kim weirdly.

            "Oh! There are 26! I always forget U, R, A, Q, T." Kim grins teasingly to Pie.

            "Huh?" Pie can't process it immediately.

            "Heh! Bluek!" Pie sticks out her tongue and rolls her eyes in disgust to Kim as soon as she gets what Kim meant to her earlier.

Kim chuckles in response 'cause Pie's reaction was so funny.

            "Stop it!" Pie's face turns red. She don't know why she blushed that much.

            "Okay my cutie." Kim covers her mouth. Hiding her teasing smile.

            "Thank you for the ride." Pie thanks Kim and pushes open the door quickly.

            "Pie wait!" Kim grabs Pie's right arm before she could get out of the car. Pie was startled with Kim's sudden action and that made her bounces back to her seat.

            "What?!" Pie glares at her with a sharp look. Kim releases her grab from Pie's arm.

            "Pie, err..Go out with me? This Sunday?" Kim stammers. Pie's death glare can kill her anytime.

            "Huh?" Pie raises her eyebrows, wearing a confuse look on her face.

            "Actually I'm asking you for a date." Kim says confidently now.

            "What?" Pie pretends that she didn't understand with Kim.

            "Please Pie. Give me a chance just to be with you? Spend our time together?" Kim pleads and claps her hands as if she is praying.

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