The Untold Story

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My whole body numbed. I can't move any muscles of mine. The throbbing pain rushed so strongly to my abdominal part. I felt as if my body was going to explode. My legs grow weak and then I lost my balance at the parking area. I heard Kim called my name but I was unable to answer her. I know Kim is the one who toted my body and carried me back to the hospital. Now,  we are in one of the room in the hospital. Kim is sitting beside me and I can feel that her eyes are all on me. I didn't dare to open my eyes to look to her. I bet she knew everything now. The doctor must has told her about my disease but it is not the matter that bothering my mind. There's another secret that I have never told her and now she found it by herself.


I can't believe this. What's really happening here? My conversation with the doctor still echoed in my ears vividly.


            "Doctor, what happen to Yam?" I asked him as soon as he finish checking Yam's condition.

            "May I know what is your connection with the patient?" The doctor questioned me back.

            "My name is Kim. I'm her close friend." I said to him. I need to know why Yam be like this.

            "Ms.Kim, please follow me." He sighs and and heads to the door. I guess he wanted to talk to me at his room. And it's true. Finally we enter the a room. I read the name on the door. Dr. Beam.

            "This patient, Ms.Apittha Kluidom right?" He put a folder on his desk. I can see there's a picture of Yam on the document.

            "Yes." I answer him. That's Yam's real name.

            "I bet, she didn't tell this to anybody yet." The doctor flipped the document without looking at me.

            "What do you mean doctor?" I was overwhelmed in anxiety.

            "Two weeks ago, she came here, undergo some medical check up and several tests." The doctor starts. I held my breath. My instinct told me that it gonna be a bad news to hear.

            "She suffers colorectal cancer or colon cancer for short." The doctor put the result test in front of me. I lose my words. The fact that he told me strike my heart like a thunderbolt.

            "How is her condition?" My voice is shaking on asking it to him.

            "Colorectal cancer can be present for several years before the symptoms develop. As for Ms.Apittha's case, her disease was a bit late to be detected by the patient. She has a right colon cancer. The right colon is spacious and cancer of the right colon can grow to larger size before they cause any abdominal symptoms." The doctor paused and looked to me as he was asking me if I am ready to hear his further explanation.

            "Typically, right — sided cancer cause iron deficiency anemia due to the slow loss of blood over a long period of time. Iron deficiency anaemia causes fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath." The doctor stopped.

            "Is there any way to help her doc?" I asked him right away. I think I can't hear any further information. It makes me scared.

            "Of course. She must undergo a surgery to remove the cancerous colorectal polyps." I feel relieve that her illness can be cured.

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