Where is My Kim?

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Kim's POV

I usually wake up early in the morning during weekdays. Of course I have to wake up early cause I have to go to work, but today I wake up more earlier than usual. You know why? Because today the doctor gonna unwraps Pie's eyes. Talking about Pie, she didn't bother to pick up my calls or even to hear any explanation from me after I confessed  the truth about me to her last Sunday. I can't reach neither contact her after that. She seemed really mad at me until she didn't even tell me when she did the surgery. All I know, I got a message from Fern last night telling me that Pie's eyes transplant was successfully done. Pie asked Fern to tell me the news and take me to see her today. I am so happy. Does it mean that she don't mad at me anymore? Does it mean she can accept the real me? Oh God! I can't wait to meet Pie. I really miss her. So, here I am choosing the best attire for today. As I have to go to the office first, so I decided to wear a baby blue collar long sleeve shirt, Pie's favourite color and match it with white pants. Perhaps I can use my white blazer too. Oh my! I want to look so handsome in front of Pie. Pie, you prince is coming! Wink!

Jittaleela Holdings

            "Morning Ms.Kim" The front desk ladies greet Kim as she enters the building.

            "Morning ladies." Kim smiles and winks at them. She makes her way to the elevator.

            "Oh My God! She looks so handsome today." Kim can hear the ladies talking about her. She smirks.

Kim enters the executive's elevator. As she is about to push the close button, someone rushes  to stop it. Kim quickly push the open button.

            "Oh, it's you Yam." Finally Kim see the person.

            "Yeah. Thank you Kim." Yam enters the elevator while panting hardly.

            "Are you okay?" Kim looks to Yam who still trying to catch her breath. Talking about Yam, she is weird too. These days, she rarely nagging to Kim.

            "Yeah." Yam gives a faint smile to Kim. They remain silent until the elevator brings them to their floor.

Kim let Yam exits first and then she follows from behind.

            "Kim, are you going to see Pie this afternoon?" Yam asks when they are walking to their office.

            "Sure." Kim answers short.

            "Why you asking me that? You don't allow me to meet her?" Kim raises her eyebrows to Yam.

            "Who said that? I'm going too." Yam answers without looking to Kim's face. It isn't weird if Yam is joining them this afternoon. Pie always considers Yam as her good friend too cause Yam is Fern's best friend.

            "What's going on with this woman? Sometimes she can be OK when it comes to Pie and sometimes she can be so KO?" Kim scratches the back of her head.

            "Are you sure that you're alright? Why you look so pale?" Kim notices that Yam's face is not as bright as usual.

            "Sure. I'm okay." Yam quickens her pace and heads to her own office.

            "She is absolutely weird today." Kim was so surprised to see Yam's reaction just now. She just stares to Yam who has already left her behind.

Meanwhile at the hospital..

            "Mom, Pie sissy can see again right?" Alice asks to her Mom who remains silent since they arrived Pie's ward.

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