Double Troubles

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"Urgghh my head hurts. What happened to me last night?" I was awaken from my sleep as I heard a gentle gurgle of water from the bathroom.

"Who is that? Oh, the person most probably Zee." I still can't open my eyes. the throbbing pain inside my head just so unbearable.

 "Eh? How did I get here? In bed?" Now my eyes automatically wide open.

 "Wait! This is not my bed!" I was utterly shocked and petrified to find out that I was not in my bedroom.

            "Morning honey."My ears catch a familiar voice.

            "Yam!?" I gasp. She just came out from the bathroom with just a piece of white towel covering the upper part of her body till her knees, exposing her slender legs. Her hands are busy wiping her long hair with another small towel.

Slowly I pull up the blanket that covering my body. "Oh my goodness! What had I done?" I was panic — stricken as I found that I am naked. All of sudden I feel my body numb.

I stare to Yam with my disbelief face and she stares to me back. She smirks.

            "What's wrong with you honey? Is there anything wrong?" I think she can read my face. She makes her way to her closet and starts to choose her clothes. I frown as she acts there's nothing happened.

            "H- ho- how..."

            "Why Kim? Get up and clean yourself now. We still have to go to work." She cuts me first.

            "What happen here!" Gosh, I can't stand anymore. I know, we had done something wrong but she still indifferent about it.

            "Oh, don't you remember what we did last night?" She turns her body and faces me.

            "Want me tell you each and every scene?" She sits beside me at the edge of the bed and touches my face.

            "Your fingers are much more better than a real dick." She bites her lower lips on saying that to me.

            "Last night..."

            "Stop it!" That's the only thing  that comes out from my mouth. I am really mad. I removes her hands from my face harshly and jerks myself from her. I pull the blanket to cover my naked body and pick my clothes on the floor.

"Why you have to be mad at me? You're the one who start everything!" She yells to me as I want to enter the bathroom. I didn't bother her and quickly enter the bathroom to wear my clothes.

"And now you blame me for that? Oh I know, now you feel guilty cause you cheat on Pie!" She slams the bathroom's door hardly.

            "Clankkk!" I hear a loud crash from the bedroom. What is that? My heart tell me it is something bad. I quickly put on my clothes.

 I walk out from the bathroom just to find she is sobbing bitterly on the floor beside the bed. Wait! She is holding something in her hand and that, I see a ceramic bedside lamp broke into pieces on the floor.

            "Yam, what are you doing?" I am panic but I manage to control it.

            "I give my all to you..and now you want to leave me!?" She stares to me with her swollen eyes. My eyes landed on her hands. They are bleeding.

            "Yam.. You know I was not even conscious about it. I was drunk." I move slowly to her. I need to stop her or else, she will hurt herself later.

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