The Reason Why

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Kim drives Pie straight to her  home after a long day she stayed at her place. Today is Pie's day off as Aunty Inn's Bistro undergoes some renovation. It has been closed for two days. Today Kim just received calls from her family members and didn't get to celebrate her birthday together as all of them are not in Thailand. Kim's parents are now at Australia, visiting their branch there while P'Air had to attend urgent meeting in USA.

            "Beep." Kim looks to her phone. A massage is received. Kim reads the text.

From : Zee

Hey bro! Happy Birthday! I miss you dude. Lets meet up at your place.

To : Zee

Thanks bro. Lets hang out outside. How about Cloud Three Sixty?

Kim feels like she needs to go somewhere. She needs someone to talk to and the right person is Zee.

Few seconds later. " Beep" Zee replies.

From : Zee

Anything for you, birthday boy!

Kim swings her car and heads to the Cloud Three Sixty Bar.

Cloud Three Sixty Bar

Cloud Three Sixty Bar is a popular rooftop bar in Bangkok. An exclusive place to lounge back with loved one, soak up the city in a full 360° sweep of view and even party late into the night.They indulge in some of the world's finest champagne, exotic cocktails, wine — by — the — glass or non — alcoholic beverages in  the bar area or you can go all the way for memorable dinner of wide variety choices of cuisines at their restaurant. Located  far above the traffic jams and little annoyance of big city life, the bar indeed a right choice for those who needs some relaxation and peace.

Kim takes a table for two and waits for Zee. Waiting all alone makes her remember the day's chain of events.

            "Pie, I thought your visual impairment is permanent?" Kim still didn't believe that Pie will restore her sight in two weeks of time.

            "Nope. I've been waiting for an eye donor for years. Didn't I tell you about that?" Kim stares to Pie. Pie never tells her that her sight can be restored. Kim don't know about it. Never know.

            "Hey Bro!" Kim is taken back to reality as someone taps her on her shoulder. Kim knows she is Zee. Zee is a tom too.

            "Hey!" Kim stands and hugs Zee.

            "Oih Kim! You looks more handsome now." Zee takes her seat across Kim. They haven't meet each other for a quite long time as both of them are so busy with their family's business.

            "Of course I am far more handsome than you!" Kim smirks.

            "What ever! I admit that. So, what we gonna have for tonight birthday boy? I'm hungry." Zee looks to the empty table. Kim didn't order anything yet.

            "You choose. Tonight is my treat. Say yes to anything except seafood." Kim says. She is allergic to seafood.

            "No Kim. It is my treat. Today is your day." Zee rejects the offer kindly. She knows that Kim's family members are not here to celebrate her birthday. She is the only one left with Kim at Bangkok right now.

So they orders the food and enjoy their bonding time that much.

            "Zee, Pie got an eye donor." Kim says while chewing her food.

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