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2 Monts Later

Pie's house

            "Huarghh.." Alice yawns. She just woke up from her deep slumber. Last night's dream was so good. She dreamt of getting a large sum of money. Hahaha Alice loves money. That's why she choose to be an accountant.

            "Eh..? Where is Pie sissy?" Her eyes roams around the bedroom to spot her sister. Lazily she drags herself out of the bed and heads downstairs.

            "Mom?" Alice calls out while taking her step down to the kitchen.

            "Oh silly me! Mom and Dad are not home." Suddenly she remember that her parents are now in Chiang Mai. Visiting their relatives there.

            "But who is in the kitchen?"She wonders herself and peers to the kitchen.

            "Oh my God! What happened here?" Alice can't believe her eyes. The kitchen turns upside down just like it was blown by a thunderstorm. Flour spreads on the table, the milk spilled on the floor and all cooking utensils are not at their right place.

            "Oh Alice, you have wake up." Pie suddenly pops out from under the table. Her face and hair was covered by flour which turns herself to be like a ghost.

Alice was startled for a moment. Her mouth wide open to see her sister in that condition.

            "What are you trying to do sis?" Alice asks while making her way to Pie. She grabs a kitchen towel which her Mom hangs at its place and wipes Pie's face.

            "Aww, I try to bake a cake." Pie answers while Alice is still helping her to wipe off the flour.

            "For who?" Alice stops her movement and stares to her sister. Pie never cooks no bakes since she lost her sight. After so many years, this is the first time Pie wants to do that again.

            "Today is Kim's birthday." Pie sighs. Her face turns gloomy.

            "So you want to make a surprise for him?" Alice guesses.

            "Hmm.." Pie nods slowly. "But it seems useless." Pie throws her blank sight to the messy kitchen. Even though she can't see what she has done but she can estimate how much terrible the kitchen now.

            "Why don't you wake me up earlier? I can help you. Besides, it is for my future brother — in — law."Alice starts to clean up the mess. She separates the useful ingredients from the mess.

            "You won't charge me for that right?" That's the exact reason why Pie don't want to ask for Alice's help. Alice loves to put a charge on what ever thing that Pie requests to her.

            "Of course I will charge you for this. But this time I don't want your money. Bring your boyfriend to meet us." Alice puts the condition. Well, actually she didn't care that much about the money. Without Pie's  knowing, Alice save the money for Pie. She just tricks Pie for that. You know, naughty little sister.

 Pie scratches the back of her head that is not itchy. She is trapped with the situation and the condition. "Okay, I'll talk to him." Pie finally has to agree with that.

            "Alright. It's a deal. You can't pull back your words. Now lets start!" Alice jumps in excitement. Finally they can see and meet Pie's boyfriend.

            "Ohoh Pie sissy. You can just buy the cake but you chose for my help. She is so naive." Alice shook her head and smile alone of thinking that. "Bro, who ever you are, thanks for loving my sister and care about her.

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