Who Is The Witch?

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Fern POV

By looking at Kim's condition, I know she had been poisoned or exactly the apple that she ate had been poisoned. Oh God! How could this happened? We are heading to the hospital. I speed my car to the max. I bet even Michael Schumacher cannot defeat me to drive in this such packed and busy road. I don't know how much traffic lights I have hit. All I know,the speed traps were surely caught my car's speed and there will be a lot of fines arrive at my mail box later. Sometime I glance through the backside mirror, tears never stop rolling down from Pie's angelic face. Pie holds Kim on her lap. I turn my gaze to Yam who sit beside me at the passenger's seat. Her face is so pale, full of apprehension  and she freezes like statue. The air inside the car was stiff with tension. When we arrive at the Emergency, the hospital's attendants quickly roll a strecher towards my car. They roll Kim to the Trauma and Emergency Unit Care. I drop Yam and Pie at that unit and park my car.

Trauma and Emergency Care Unit.

            "Yam, how is Kim?" Fern asks when she arrives at the unit. Yam is trying to comfort Pie who is still soak in her tears. Pie holds Kim's jacket. She hugs it tight.

            "He is still in there." Fern is quite shock when Yam addresses Kim as HE. Fern assumes that Yam want to take care the secret of Kim, where Kim is not a man like Pie always think. She takes her seat beside Pie and hold Pie close to her.

When Fern takes place to comfort Pie, Yam makes her way to the theatre  where Kim is treated. She leans and peers through the small rectangle transparent glass window of the door.

            "Fern..sob..what..sob..happen..sob..sob to Kim?" Pie is sobbing heavily in Fern's embrace. She still don't know what has happened to Kim.

            "Kim will be okay Pie. Hushh, now stop crying princess." Fern strokes Pie's back, comforting her falling tears.

            "Answer me Fern! What happened to Kim?" Pie shook Fern's body. Urging for an answer as Fern didn't answer her earlier.

            "Calm down Pie. I don't know too. Perhaps she had eaten a poisoned apple." Fern tighten her embrace to Pie. She needs to calm down this emotionally unstable princess. When she looks to Pie, Pie remains speechless but her sobbing still echoes her breath.

Fern POV

We wait anxiously for long minutes. I don't really know for how long we have been outside the unit  but in my calculation, we have been there for almost two hours. In that long time interval, I could see the nurses rush in and out from the theater. Pie has already fall asleep on my shoulder with Kim's jacket covers her petite body while Yam seems so uneasy as she paces up and down the floor. I don't know what has she observed since then but she is sweating profusely out of nervousness even though the temperature inside the hospital is quite chilling. After so long, the slides open and the doctor steps out, wiping his hands on towel. Yam approaches the doctor.

            "Doctor, how is my friend?" I can hear clearly what Yam asked to the doctor as our distance is not that far.

            "We have successfully removed the poison from her alimentary system. She is stable and everything is under control." The doctor explains everything to Yam.

            "Can we see her right now?" Yam peeks to the room while asking that to the doctor.

            "The patient is not conscious yet but yes, you can see her right now." The doctor assures that to Yam and leaves us there.

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