Sleeping Beauty VS Snow White

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"Trutt..Trutt..Trutt.." Kim's phone vibrates. She did ignore it for a few times but now she really can't cope with the annoying vibration of the phone. Drowsily Kim's hands reaches over the source of noise.

With her eyes half open Kim peeks to the clock. "6.00 a.m?!" Kim frowns.  Who's on Earth wakes her at this early hour of Sunday morning?

            "Hello..?" Kim answers the call lazily. She don't even look the name on the screen. All she knows, the person just ruined her deep slumber.

            "Kimmy!" The voice at the end of the line electrocutes Kim's brain to life.

            "Pie?" Kim jolts from her lying and sits on the  bed. She blinks her eyes for a few times to remove the sleep away from her eyes.

            "Kim! Don't tell me that you are still in your bed?!" Pie snaps with a flicker of irritation. Kim knows that Pie really mad at her for not picking up her calls just now.

            "I'm sorry Pie. I didn't realize that my phone was in silent mode." Kim says in frightened voice and at the same time gives a reasonable reason to Pie.

            "Still sleepy?" Pie seems a little bit calm.

            "Not anymore. What can I do for you Pie?" Kim fakes her voice to be a cheerful one. "No way to tell you that I'm still sleepy! I know you will kill me for that." Kim thoughts in her mind.

            "Kimmy, don't forget that we'll gonna have picnic with Fern today." Pie reminds Kim their activity for this weekend. Pie has promised to introduce Kim to Fern. Pie also said that Kim seemed so stress and pressure with her work lately. So it is the best choice for Kim to relax and get some fresh air. They gonna have their picnic at the recreational park.

            "Okay Pie. I'll pick you later." They end their conversation.

            "Pie, we have known each other for a long time." Kim sighs and drags herself to the bathroom.

            "Today, you'll tell the truth to Pie. All the best Kim!" Kim stares her won reflection in the mirror.

Recreational Park

            "Waaaa! The air is so fresh!" Pie spreads her arms and breathes deeply. Yeah, it is a beautiful day with clear skies. The morning weather just cold enough to invigorate one's soul.

            "Pie, where should we head to? Where is your friend?" Kim asks while taking out a mat from the car's boot.

            "Fern said that she's waiting for us under a shady tree near the lake. Let me call her again and could you please observe if there any sign of them here?" Pie takes out her phone to call Fern.

            "I think you don't have to do so. She is over there." Kim notices that a girl is waving her hands to them.

            "How.. How did you..." Pie couldn't finish her words when Kim drags her to the picnic spot.

            "Hi Pie and hello Kim?" Fern greets them first as they reach the picnic spot.

            "Hi Fern. Fern, this is my boyfriend Kim. Kim, this is my best friend, Fern." Pie introduces Kim officially to Fern.

            "Hello Fern, nice to meet you." Kim gives her meaningful smile to Fern. Only two of them know how awkward the moment right now.

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