Emotion War

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Jittaleela Holdings

All co — workers make their way out of the room as they just ended the meeting. Kim sits still at the same position with her back leaned to chair. Her eyes closed and she breathes deeply.

            "Kimhan." Slowly Kim opens her eyes just to notice that P'Air is already stands in front of her.

" I notice that you were not paying your full attention to our meeting just now. I don't know what you have inside your mind but I want you to act professionally. Don't mix up your private life with career. Understand?" P'Air seems serious in her saying.

"I'm sorry P'Air. It won't happen again." Kim says apologetically and hung her head low.

"Good. I need to meet another clients. Don't skip your lunch later." P'Air makes her way leaving Kim alone inside the room. When it comes to career, commitment and responsibility, P'Air will always be serious about them. She's not only wise but her muture way of thinking and good in decision making make  all stuff at the company respect her even though she just a young manager.

"Hey Kim. You can count on me. I'm all ears if you need someone to talk to." P'Air pauses her movement and turns her body to face Kim.

"Thanks P'Air." Kim gives a faint smile to her sister. After all, P'Air still a kind and good sister to Kim. She's the only sister that Kim has in this world.

Without their notice, Yam eavesdrops all Kim's and P'Air conversation. She also noticed that Kim was so spacing out during their meeting just now. She sees Kim make her way to her office and she follows Kim from behind.

Kim lies down on the plush cushion of her sofa inside her office. She covers her eyes with her right arm. There's something that bothered her that much. Pie. Kim knows one day Pie will find out that she is not a man. She know she can't lie to Pie forever or else Pie might be hurt.  But how is she going to tell Pie about her real self? Can Pie accept her just the way she is? What about Pie's confession the other day? She can't bear if Pie rejects her. She don't want to lose Pie.

            While she was so deep in her own thinking, Kim feels someone massaging her head. She removes her arms from her eyes and she was so startle to find Yam sit beside her.

            "Yam! What are you doing here?" Kim jolts in shock.

            "I'm just trying to lessen the burden inside your head. I'm worry that your migraine comes again." Yam gives her concerned look to Kim. Of course Yam knows a lot about Kim. They were once a sweet lover. Everybody was so envy with their relationship.

            "No. It is not. I'm okay. Just a little bit tired." Kim avoids Yam's eyes and moves to the huge glass windows of the office which over looking the city. She throws her sight to the hustle and bustle city life.

            "Then you should take some rest." Kim didn't notice since when Yam already stands behind her. Yam gives Kim a massage on her shoulders and then Yam wraps her arms around Kim's waist. Yam's head rests on her shoulder. Kim closes her eyes in response.

For a fleeting moment, Kim freezes like a statue. It still the same comfortable hugs she used to feel years ago. "I'll kill you for sure if I know you flirt with other girl!" Suddenly Pie's threatening voice replayed inside her mind.

            "Yam, please stop this." Kim back to her sense and removes Yam's hands from her waist. There's a little bit disappointed look in Yam's face.

            "Yam, don't you have work to do?" Kim hints to Yam to leave her office.

            "Kim, until when you want to treat me like this? We are in a team for almost three weeks but you treat me like we are totally strangers. I can't stand this anymore." Yam starts to flare up. She can't hold her emotion anymore.

            "Please Yam, I don't want to talk about it anymore. Please leave my office." Kim back facing Yam.

            "You choose to be with that blind girl instead of normal girl like me Kim?" Yam's words make Kim frown. She faces Yam with her knitted eyebrows.

            "What does that stupid blind girl has until you're so head over heels with her?"Yam glares to Kim who stares to her with her burning eyes.

            "What did you say just now?" Kim moves closer to Yam.

            "I said, she is an IDIOT!" Yam raises her voice to Kim.

            "Don't you dare to say that to her!" Kim cups Yam's jaw roughly with her right hand.

            "Why? Am I wrong about that?" Yam smirks and pushes Kim's hand away from her jaw.

            "Or should I say that you are a great LIAR?!" Yam's moves around Kim while giving her devilish smile.

            "I wonder how she didn't realize that you are not a man. I have two choices of answer inside my mind. Either she is really an IDIOT or you're a great LIAR after all." Yam stops her movement and cups Kim's face with her both hands.

            Kim stares to Yam with her unbelievable look. "So you are the one who Pie talking about!" Kim removes Yam's hands from her face roughly.

            "Aww, that's so sweet of her. She did tell you about me? Oh, what a good friend I have." Yam acts like she is so happy to know Pie introduce her as a friend to Kim.

            "What do you want from me Yam." Kim hisses on seeing Yam's action.

            "Isn't it obvious? I want you." Yam locks her eyes to Kim. Hoping that Kim will know how much she loves her.

            "Yam, we are over. Could you please stop all of this?" Kim messes her hair as she feels so miserable with pressure that Yam gave her. She sits on the sofa to calm herself.

            "Why can't you just be with me Kim? Is it my sin was so big to you until you can't give any chance for your heart to rebuild our love again." Yam soften her voice and take her seat beside Kim. Yam realizes that if she keeps forcing Kim, everything will go complicated.

            "Do you realize that it is so wrong to do so? You have your fiance and I have Pie. I don't want to hurt Pie and you should not hurt Mario too. We can't be more than friends." Kim releases a deep sigh.

            "Kim, for four years you lied to Pie. Don't you think she won't be hurt if she finds out about you?" Yam starts to play with Kim's emotion and psychology.

Kim turns her gaze to Yam. Somehow what Yam said just now was indeed true. "She won't know." Kim's ego is too high to admit the truth.

            "You can't hold this secret forever Kim. Now or later, she will know about this. It is more hurt if she know that from other people, not you." Yam pats Kim shoulder lightly.

Kim becomes so speechless. Her gaze riverted to the floor. Yam's words strucks her like a thunderbolt. Kim buries her face in her hands. Yam knew that she managed to make Kim feels so guilty towards Pie. Now she knows Kim's weakness.

            "I'm sorry for my bad words to Pie just now. She is not that fool. She just don't get the opportunity to know it yet. Thank you for letting me know that you never 'touch' her." Yam whispers to Kim's ears. It is so deep.

Without waiting for another force from Kim to leave her office, Yam walks out from the room, left Kim alone in her office.

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