Chapter 2 - Animosity's Arrival

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It was about two weeks before me and Lindsay REALLY clicked, and I have to say, that to this day we are still the best of friends. We tried playing outside everyday, but when the wasps starting taking over her playground, we decided to play inside more.

Lindsay's house was only a short 30 second walk out my front door to her front door, and I have to say that since I would visit all day everyday, I almost lived at Lindsay's. I remember the first time I walked inside her house. After walking in the front door, there was a glass carnival horse statue that was absolutely gorgeous. Her bedroom was upstairs across the hall from Ethan's room, and she had a lot of really fun toys. We would play princess with the glass carnival horses that were scattered tastefully around her house, and Ethan would always be off somewhere planning some way to annoy us I'm sure.

 Ethan didn't like sharing with me and Lindsay, but his Game Cube was our life for the longest time. They got the game Animal Crossing, and Lindsay and I used to play that game like it was going out of style, but if Ethan ever came in and asked to play it, then we had to give him the controller. It wasn't fair, but we didn't complain too much. He would switch the Animal Crossing disk with either a shooting game, or Super Smash Brothers, and I would watch him play. I was always a fan of watching people play video games. I think he would show off, and try to do pretty impressive things on the game, and after some giggles and then running with Lindsay to play with her Barbies, I started to crush on Ethan a little.

Lindsay and Ethan had plastic candy jars that were filled with candy in their bonus room. Me and Lindsay would eat all the candy, but usually it was just me eating the candy. In the beginning I couldn't tell the jars apart, so sometimes I would accidentally take one of Ethan's pieces of candy, but as time went by I would purposely take his candy just to make him mad.

When we would play pretend outside in Lindsay's backyard Joy, her nanny, would watch us from the kitchen window to make sure we were okay. After all, we were only four and five. Sometimes Ethan would join us, and he always loved to throw baseballs at me. Hard. I would never, EVER, cry in front of him, but when I got home I would always cry to Grandma. Ethan was my rival, my adversary, and I wasn't going to let him beat me by making me cry.

Joy was my friend no matter what. She always told me, "Allie, you're sexy!" and me and Lindsay both would laugh and say NO. Joy always knew how to make me laugh, and when me and Lindsay got into our usual spats, Joy was always there to laugh with me at how silly Lindsay was.


Time flew by, and before we knew it my sixth birthday party was just around the corner. Lindsay was invited, of course, and I had it all planned out. I couldn't wait, and since my new house didn't have a party room, we set up a table and decorated in the front room. Everything was perfect, and I couldn't wait.

I had my long-awaited party, and It went well. Everyone played games, we ate my carriage cake, dressed up like princesses, and even though nobody slept over, it was still one of the best parties of my life. Ethan didn't try to crash it - thank god - and even though I wasn't in my old house, I was starting to really like my new one.

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