Chapter 44

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Ace's POV

Not many more words were exchanged between the two. I started hearing footsteps getting closer and I quickly went back behind the boxes. The ear piercing screech of the door was heard and I saw Alec come out of the room that Rayna was most definitely in.

He walked past me and I held my breath. Alec opened the door that leads to the outside, the screeching once again filling my ears. 

I waited for a good ten minutes after he left just to make sure he was really gone. I came out from behind the boxes and went to the door, opening and leaving the building.

I quickly shifted, not caring that my clothes were now in pieces.

We're going back. I mind linked the group that I was assigned to be in charge of.

I then mind linked Orion. We need to have a meeting as soon as possible. I just found out some very important things that you definatly want to know.

Good. I'll set up the meeting. Is all he replied.

I started running in the direction of the pack house. I heard the footsteps of the group following me.


Orion's POV

Ace burst through the door of the pack house, butt naked might I add.

"Go put some clothes on, man," I glared at him as I saw the uneasy faces of my pack members. "The meeting will start in about ten minutes in my office," I informed him and he just nodded and went upstairs quickly.


Minutes later, Ace, Charles, Brett -my head warrior-, Raymond, and I were in my office. We were all sitting around my desk. There was tention in the air. It was as if everyone was occupied with their own thoughts.

"What have you got to tell us?" I asked Ace, breaking the silence. I was eager to find out everything I could.

"I went into the building-"

"I told you not to!" I cut him off. "You could've-"

"Let me speak!" He yelled. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. He had never yelled at me like that. No one ever did. Well, except Rayna and on occasion, Charles.

I stood up abruptly from my seat and so did Charles. He stuck out his hand to stop me from lunging at Ace. "He's right," he said calmly. "You need to let him speak and give you the whole story before you make assumptions."

I sighed and sat back down, crossing my arms across my chest, "Go on." I said through gritted teeth. Charles sat back down as well and we all gave our attention to Ace.

"As I was saying," he cleared his throat. "I snuck into the building when Alec was gone. From what I could see, it was only two rooms. Rayna was in the farthest one from the entrance, I didn't see her but when Alec came back, he went into the room and he started talking to her."

"What were they talking about?" Raymond asked.

"He's planning to take her powers from her." I tried my best to keep calm. My hands balled up into fists and smoke was surely coming out of my ears from the amount of anger I had.

"What else did he say," I asked. Well, more like demanded but I don't think that it's surprising at this point.

"He said that it would be very painful and that she dies no matter what. Whether it's from shock or from loosing all her power." I slammed my fists into the desk. It still had the burnt marks from when Rayna had lashed out at me.

"We have to attack now," I bellowed.

"That's not a good idea," Charles said.

"I don't care!" I yelled. "I'm done with just sitting around and doing nothing."

"Calm down," Raymond instructed. I turned to him and glared.

"How are you not freaking out!" I exclaimed. "She's your daughter so why aren't you worried about her?" He came up to me, face to face and dug a finger into my chest.

"You know nothing about me!" He barked before backing away. "Do you think I don't care? Of course I care! I'm just focusing on finding her instead of sitting there and panicking all the damn time!"

"Let's all calm down and try to figure out a plan," Ace suggested.

"I think we should really go right now and just get it over with," I said, slightly more calm but still on the edge.

"I don't think we should do it like that, Alpha," Brett spoke for the first time. "I think that we should attack when he least expects it. For example, right before he is about to do it. That way he thinks that he has won and we haven't found her yet. Then, we attack and take our Luna back." I trusted this man. He knew what he was doing when it came to attacks.

He turned to Ace, "Gamma Ace, did he say what time this was taking place?" Ace nodded, "When the moon is at its highest point were his words."

"If I'm not mistaken, the moon should be at its highest point before midnight since it starts to set at midnight." Charles said and Raymond nodded.

"That would be correct."

"So we attack tomorrow before midnight and get my mate back?" I asked.

"Yes, Alpha. We all just have to be patient. It wont be much longer before we finally take her back." Brett clarified my question. The problem was; I didn't know how much longer I could wait.

The next day would be a nightmare.

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