Chapter 18

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"Are you sure these are the people that took Beth, Daryl?" I ask. I had followed Daryl into to the woods because I needed to talk to him. Now its turned into some kind of car chase. He was fixing a car at the time actually.

Earlier That Day

I rub my arms attempting to become a little warmer. I could see my breath because it was that cold out. It was pitch black outside making it hard to follow Daryl. That makes me sound like a creep but, I've been needing to talk to him for awhile now.

I don't think I've really talked to him since we've found each other. I hear him curse under his breath. "Of course its fucking broken." I hear him say.

I walk out of the woods and lightly tap him on the shoulder. He jumps and turns his head, "What the hell are ya doin' out here?! Are ya tryin' to get yerself killed?" He hisses at me. I narrow my eyes at him.

"I need to talk to ya, dumb ass. I followed you, so I was okay the whole time." I snap back. I could so slightly see him roll his eyes at me. What a douche.

"Go on, what do ya need to talk about?" He says, turning his back to me and starting to work on fixing the car. I wasn't sure on what I was supposed to say. Actually, I couldn't even remember what I was supposed to be doing here. I mean, I knew I had to talk to him but, I wasn't sure what to talk about.

"Daryl, do you, um do you still have feelings for me?" I ask him. I take a deep breath waiting for his answer. He stood quiet for a minute. He looked up at me and was about to start talking but a car sped passed us.

"Fuck." He says under his breath, "Get in the car! Those are the people that took Beth." We get in the car and speed off after the car.

Present time

"Are you sure these are the people that took Beth, Daryl?" I ask. He nods his head and explains his reason of why its them.

"Oh." Was all I said. Then I remembered, he had totally ditched my question back at the woods. "So, do ya Daryl? Do ya still have feelings for me?" I ask him again. He's quiet again but, this time for while.

He sighs and grabs hold of steering wheel a little harder, "Yeah." I hear him mumble. I smile and its quiet the rest of the ride.

~~ Outside Of The Hospital ~~

"Just get in the van. We're not gonna be able to get through this without one of us getting bit." Daryl tells me. I bite my lip knowing I could possibly die from the fall and nod my head. I get in and buckle my seat belt.  Daryl gets in and does the same.

We intertwine out fingers and put our hands on the dashboard. "Daryl I just wanted to let you know, I'm still in love with you." I say and then everything goes black.

Daryl's POV (Yep, your welcome)

I open my eyes, my vision is blurry and my head is spinning. Ashlynn, still sits beside me. Her eyes are still shut but her chest still rises and slowly falls as its supposed to. I decide not to wake her and just pick her up.

"I'm still in love with you." I didn't think she would still love me after what I did to her. I mean I can't blame her, I'm perfect you know. I continue walking and find a small building. There couldn't possibly be a lot of walkers in there. She stirs around in my arms.

I'm about to open the door when at least 5 walkers start to bang on the glass of a window. "Shit." I say. I sigh and make my way towards the Hospital.

I walk into one of the two buildings and make my way up some stairs. Ashlynn stirs again in my arms. She looked so peaceful when she was asleep/knocked out. (A/N I'm sorry I had to.)

There's an open room with a bed in it so I take Ashlynn in it and lay her down on the bed. It wouldn't hurt to leave her alone for just a little while, could it?

I walk out of the small room and make make my way down the hallway. I hear the familiar groans of walkers. I turn around to find ten of them turning the corner, coming my way. I took my crossbow off my back and loaded a bolt into it.

Quickly, but quietly, I took down each of them. "Put down the crossbow." I turn around to find a young African American kid with a bag over his shoulder, and a gun in his hand pointing in my direction. I ignore him.

"Who the hell are ya?" I ask. He looked at me with no emotion at all.

"Sir, I said put the crossbow down and no one will get hurt. That lady in the room, she's very pretty. What is she your girlfriend or something? Wouldn't want her to get hurt would you?" He says. I narrow my eyes at him and drop my crossbow on the ground.

He walks up to me and takes it. He opens up a door letting a few walkers out. That bastard. He then starts jogging down the hallway. He's so stupid.

I pull out my knife and start taking down the walkers one by one. When I'm finally done, the hall is filled with dead walkers. I open up the door to check on Ashlynn. She sat on the bed rubbing her head.

She had cuts all over her face and arms. Her shirt was torn, revealing a bloody gash on her side. "How are ya feelin' Ash?" I ask her. She ignores me and limps over to the counter, getting gauze out of one of the cabinets.

"Ashlynn?" I ask again, "How are ya feelin'?" Still, she continued to ignore me. What could I have possibly done to her? Was she ignoring because I left her in here by herself?

"What the hell Ashlynn?" I ask.

"Who the hell are you?! Go the fuck away you creepy as redneck!" Those words killed me.

"Ashlynn, do you know what's going on right now?" I ask her.

"Well, I know that about a month ago dead corpses started taking over the world and I was with my brother Bradley. That's all I know."

She lost her fucking memory.... 


Hey guys, so here's chapter 18, I'm not sure if I told you or now but, this story is going to be 50 chapters long so there's two more episodes left of TWD before the mid-season finale. That means chapter 20, I will also be taking a little break with this book and working on the two books that I will be publishing soon.

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Ashlynn lost her memory! Oh goshness.

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