Chapter One

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I looked over to see a boy. No scratch that. God. That's how fine this boy was. He was brown skin with curly black hair, hazel grey eyes and he was tall. I stared at him in amazement. "Yo." He said. I cleared my throat and apologized. "It's all good, ma. What's your name?" He asked. "Casey." I said cutely. What was I doing?

"Well, hi, Casey. My name's Konnor. I was just walking by and I noticed you. I had to tell you that you one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. And if it ain't trouble, can I possibly have your number?" He complimented. I melted at the sound of his voice. It wasn't high. It wasn't deep. It was just right. Then his smile. Lord have mercy, his smile.

Everything in my body was telling me this is trouble but i ignored it and gave him my number. "Do you need a ride home?" He asked. "Nah I'm good. My brother takes me home. Well until football season starts." I said. "I get it. I gotta go but look out for a text from me ok?" He said. I nodded and he walked away.

This semester's gonna be a good one.


I turned the alarm off that was on my phone and sat up. I yawned and got out bed. I stretched and entered my bathroom. I took care of my morning hygiene and got ready for today. I checked my phone and saw that I had a text message from Konnor.

Good morning ma

I smiled at the text and responded.


I got up and went to my closet. I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans, my black and white Marilyn Monroe shirt and my black huaraches. I grabbed my my black hoodie and put it on before going to my mirror. I put my hair in a bun and put on a white headband. I put in light lipgloss and sprayed some perfume on me. I grabbed my phone and book bag and went downstairs.

"Morning family." I said as I came downstairs. "Morning." They responded. My phone buzzed and I checked it. It was text from Konnor.

I can't wait to see you today

I blushed and smiled. "Casey c'mon." Jay said and walked to the front door. I followed him out of the house and got in his car. I took out my phone and texted Konnor back.

Same here with you

I was excited today. It was because of him. Jay backed out of the driveway and started driving to school. A few minutes later, we were at school. I grabbed my bag and got out. I entered the school with Jay and went to my locker. I saw the girl and boy from earlier and I groaned. I did not feel like dealing with them today.

"Hey, slut." The girl said. I rolled my eyes. "You starting already, bruh. It's too early in the morning. So I kindly ask you to move the fuck along with your boyfriend and your lil group." I said to her. "Say don't talk to my girlfriend like that." The dude said. "Or what?" I said. "You know what? You right. When she handle yo ass don't say nothing." He chuckled.

"Ain't nobody scared of her. Or you. Or any of y'all to be honest. I'll whip yo ass," I pointed at the girl. "I'll whip yo ass," I told the boy. "And y'all...I don't really know y'all so..." I shrugged. "Girl please. You wouldn't dare touch me." The girl said. "And if you do I'll handle yo ass myself." The boy said. "Okay. Do that I'll call my boys for you." I said.

"What boys?" He asked. "Me." I heard a voice say to my right. I looked over and saw Konnor glaring at the boy. "Oh it's yo bitch ass." The boy said. "Justin I don't think you have the right to call anybody a bitch the way I punked yo hoe ass sophomore year." Konnor said. I smiled at him. I likes me a real nigga.

"Shit changed nigga." Justin said. "Like what? Ya fucking fit? Which by the way is still trash." He said laughing at Justin's outfit. I covered my mouth to keep from laughing too. "Man let's go. You better stay the fuck out of my way." The girl said. I waved her off and she left. "Don't worry about Kiara man. She ain't gonna do nothing." Konnor told me.

"I know. She know not to touch me." I said. "And you looking good today." He told me. "Thanks. You look ok or whatever." I joked. "Oh it's like that?" He chuckled and I giggled. "Nah but for real you looking good." I told him. "Tell me about yourself." He told me. "Well, I'm sixteen, I've been here my whole three years, I like to cheerlead, I have a brother, and my grades are perfect." I said.

"You ok the cheerleading team?" He asked. "No but I'm considering it." I said. "You should do it. I think you'll do pretty good." He said. I smiled. "Enough about me. What about you?" I asked him. "Well, My name's Konnor Washington, I'm seventeen, I have a little sister, her name's Kelly, and that's pretty much it." He shrugged. "What about before you went here?" I asked.

"Before I went here I was pretty much the same. Chill, didn't have many friends, just trying to make it through my junior year." He shrugged. "Same. What about a relationship?" I asked. "I had one relationship with a girl but things didn't work out. She missed her ex, I let her go." He said. "Oh." I said. "I ain't worried about it." He said.

"Well maybe she wasn't the one." I shrugged. "What about you? Had a boyfriend?" He asked. My mood quickly changed and I sighed. "Yeah. But he lied to me. Now he's in the hospital." I said. Konnor looked at me wide-eyed. "If we get together, remind me to never lie to you." Konnor said. "I didn't put him in the hospital." I said.

He sighed. "Girl you had me scared." He said. I giggled. "But what did he lie about?" He asked. "He got a girl pregnant and he fucked my best friend to keep me from finding out." I said. "Fuck." He said in surprise. "Yeah." I sighed. "So how did he end up in the hospital?" Konnor asked. "We were at the hospital taking care of my friend's boyfriend when he told me. I told him I never wanted to see him again and he left. Hours later I found he got into a car crash and now he's in a coma." I explained.

"Jesus." He said. I nodded. "Do you miss him?" He asked. "Yes and no." I said. The bell rung, signaling for first period. "I'm sad that I have no classes with you." He said. "You'll be okay. I'll just see you at lunch." I said. "Can't wait." He said and opened his arms for a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. I closed my eyes, loving the feeling of protectiveness he gave off. I felt safe in his arms, the same way I did with Parker.

We split and sighed, missing the feeling of being in his arms. He sighed too. "See you at lunch." He said and walked away.

Time, please go fast so I can see him at lunch and go slow so that lunch doesn't end when I do see him.

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