my twilight life (cullens)

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hi, my names jess, but my mom calls me bird, well that what she used to call me untill she died in a car 14 years old and i live with my dad craig, he beats me regulary and theres never a day when i dont have a fresh bruise or oozing wound. but this is the story of how my life changed, the story of how a wish realy can come true if you are in desperate need of it.

"jessica, get your fuckin' ass out of bed!" craig shouted at me from behind my bolted door(i never call craig dad, he doesnt deserve the love i should show towards my own father but i truley hate him)  i opened the dead lock on my door and craig pushed it open with so much force that it smacked me across the face and i fell on the floor clutching my face. " what the fuck are you doing on the floor you little twat, get up and get ready for school before i hit you again and next time it will be worse." and with that he slamed my bedroom door and stamped loudly down the stairs and out the front door going to work as he says...only i know that he stays at the pub all day and night and gets totaly pissed.

i got dressed quickly dressing in a scraggy muse fan top and skinny jeans that were nearly to tight for me, although for my liking i was to skinny, i was always pale and you could see my ribs when i breathed in, i couldnt afford enough food, i had to work to get paid and all that money that goes in a pot is spent on alchalholic drink for craig and food...oh and bills that i have to pay.

i started walking to school and i was ten minutes late, i kept my head down and walked to my class. mr jefferdson scolded me for being late and told me to go to my place and get my book out, how i hated math so much. the hour was long and boring, it droned on and my face was throbbing, but thankfully my hair covered the bruise so no one could see it. the bell finally rang and it was time for my favourite i loved playing the piano adn apparently i was top of the class, my teacher had said that she would give me free piano lessons, but when i had asked craig, he told me that i had all the jobs cleaning and cooking to do then he had hit me for asking such a radicculouse question, i couldn't belive that day i had been stupid enough to ask him.

i entered the music room and my teacher mrs killick  greeted me and told me to take my place at my usual piano, i started absent-mindedly playing a lullaby i had written myself that had reminded me of my mother. it was slow and was litterally music to my ears, my teacher watched me in awe and clapped when i finished, she gave me a pat on the back and then the others started piling in. we were doing a musical in two months time and she was still aranging parts, but of course my place was behind the piano. i had already practiced my piano part to perfection so i rumaged through my bag and lifted out my battered copy of eclipse, my breaking dawn book was at home and envied renesmee's life so much, she had the perfect father and mother, although i didn'y like that jacob had imprinted on her, if you ask me he's a total ass, why couldn't he just leave bella, knowing she was happy with edward. i had just reached my favourite part of when edward proposes to bella when the bell rung, awakening me from my dream world.

later that nigh as i was looking out my window thinking of what it would be like to be renesmee when a shooting star wooshed past. i gasped and fell down on my knees clasping my hands together. "dear  lord, please let me have the life of renesmee cullen and let me have bella and edward as my perents, this is all i ask in life, i just ask for a loving home with the cullens, amen"

i crawled into my sgraggy bed and drew the covers over me, when i heard the dorr smash open i got my pillow and covered my ears despereatly tring to escape  the horror that was awaiting me in the morning.

                                                                              in the morning

my eyes fluttered and ajusted to light blazing around me, i looked around and realised suddenly that there were seven pairs of gold and one pair of brown eyes hovering over me.....

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