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Chapter 66:
You're A Natural


    My numb fingers gripped the leather of Shawns gloves. My legs were stiff from trying my hardest not to fall. I felt like if I moved even in the slightest I was definitely going to break something. Shawns laughing caused him to shake me a little, making my grip on him tighten only so I didn't fall.

    "Can you quit laughing? I'm trying not to fall." I told him, narrowing my eyes at him.

    I couldn't even look upset that long, he looked cute. His cheeks were rosy which matched his red nose. I'm almost one hundred percent positive my face looked almost the exact same. It was beyond freezing here in Canada during the winter. Then again anything below 75 degrees was absolutely frigid to me.

    "Well maybe if you moved and tried to ice skate we wouldn't be getting passed by a bunch of 10 year olds." Shawn told me just gaining another cold glare from me.

    It wasn't my idea to go ice skating, it was his. Despite me constantly telling him that I have never skated before he still wanted to come. Not alone either, he wanted to bring his whole family to this disaster. I'm sure i've seen his sister pass us twenty times since we've been here.

     I should've stayed by the fire with his parents. It would've been less humiliating than being showed up by a bunch of ten year olds.

    "Come on, it's not that hard. Just keep your eyes on me and move your feet. I'll lead and hold your hand, I won't let you fall trust me." Shawn reassured me hoping i'd finally listen.

    "Yeah too late." I muttered to myself knowing he couldn't hear me.

    I did as he instructed after taking in a deep breath of the chilly air. I felt myself stumble a little, loosing my balance here and there but eventually we moved from where we previously were. It wasn't a large gap but enough so that i wasn't so tense.

    "See you're a natural! A couple more laps and i'm sure you'll be spinning across the ice." Shawn told me trying to feel proud of myself.

    It worked naturally, but despite what he made it sound like I was still losing my balance. One time i was sure I was going to either fall backwards and break something or stumble forward knocking over a child. Yet another situation where I'm not sure which outcome is worse.

"Okay i'm going to let go." Shawn said as he loosened his grip on my hands.

"Shawn, don't you dare let go!" I told him giving him a warning look. He didn't care though, he started backing away faster so that way I would let go. "Shawn!" I yelped as I stood frozen on the ice.

I allowed my hands to stretch out beside me for balance. I held my breath like somehow it was not going to help me. I slowly looked up at shawn carefully for any sudden movement would make me fall.

"I'm going to kill you when I get off this ice." I told him in a hush tone so that none of the little kids skating past us would hear.

He just laughed, "Come on Lia, just do what we have been doing. Move slowly, don't look at the ground, and just skate towards me."

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