Home of my Heart

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my palace~
shines so much gold and silver
making my soul quiver

been around with its
blinding walls and windows~
unique parts and halls

O the dancing hall!
part that weakens my fragile toes!

for i know that

in this dancing hall,
it's where you did your magic
that ended as tragic
putting a crown
above my head
I love you, you said
but it turn out
the crown isn't made of
gold and diamond
but painful thorns

You think I'll allow you once more
to prevail in my palace
after disturbing its solace
never again
no queen nor king
nor the existence
of you and me

Because in this palace of mine
even it has a longer line
of hoping love signs

i am and will still build
tall, unbreakable walls
separating me from
fake love's pitholes

Original Line:

"I do not need a king to make me a queen"

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