Chapter 2 : getting out of here

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After I read the note from Steve, I looked around the cave for more clues. "How the heck do I get out of here?!"I yelled frustrated, even though nobody would awnser."hehehehehe." Oh no. "Who's there!"I yelled looking around. "I know you're there! You can't hide!" A face appeared out of nowhere."boo!"the person said. "I am kiana. Daughter of, well you know..hehe" she said then snapped her fingers. A long one block wide hallway appeared behind me. " Go ahead, run. I'll still catch you. You CAN'T escape!" She mocked me."you have five seconds to run. Five, four, three"she started counting. I quickly ran down the long hallway."zero!"kiana screamed. When I looked behind me, I saw her piercing white eyes getting closer to me through the darkness. Then it got lighter. I turned my head back around to see a two block long lava pool. I got myself a running boost and jumped over the lava. The sun! I saw the sun! I ran as fast as my legs would let me and then, I was out! And I still had the note from steve. Kiana came into the sunlight. "Ahh! Ouch! The sun nooo!"she screeched. "I'll get you alexa, I'll get you!" Then she went back into darkness. " Well, that's taken care of!"I said to myself happily. "That kiana girl, she has anger issues!"

Hey kittehs! I haven't updated this story in a while, so I did now! That ending though! Lol. Well baiii! P.s. on the last chapter, that gran dot was a smudge on the note. Just wanted to let you know. Meow!

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