Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Waking up wasn’t too terrible. Well, the pain was. I awoke in the arms of Dan, who I must say was kind of growing on me and next to him was the beautiful Felix.

I glanced around the room and realised we weren’t alone. There were about 6 other people all sitting around also.

"What are you???" I squeaked, struggling with my voice.

Then someone answered. The voice I could not forget. It was dark, deep and slow. It was the voice of my last attacker. "Sweetie, like I said, we’re vampires! Get it into your head!" He sounded arrogant.

"Vampires don’t exist.” I stated matter of factly, smiling. Daddy never taught me to give up on what I believe in. Even so, I was beginning to get scared. Then, everyone in the room snapped my way and as I glanced around, one by one each vampire showed their fangs. I screamed and tried to run but before I could reach the door I was surrounded.

"Girlie, you aren’t going anywhere" Chuckles came from behind and I glanced around at all the faces hoping to find help, but no such thing came my way.

"What do you want from me?" I stated glumly. They obviously wanted something from me. “You’re not getting any of my blood if that’s what you want.”

"We don’t want anything from you. The king does.” I recognised this person as the one who attacked me last night.

"Then why did you suck my blood last night and..." He interrupted before I could finish.

"I’m so very sorry darling, but your blood it is too irresistible!" His eyes turned red, and I quickly turned away. And then suddenly I was being carried to my room by Felix.

"Get you filthy, blood sucking hands off of me!!” I screeched struggling to release his grip. He was holding on to me with great power.

"Settle down now, you’re only going to make things worse for yourself." He replied quietly and then he turned stiff and dropped me to the ground. I turned to him for answers but instead found myself glaring innocently up towards the king. Whoa, ‘handsome’ king.

Realising I was still on my knees I began to stand up, but before I could do so, the king had grasp of my shoulder and was pulling me up to my feet. He didn’t look too happy to say the least.

"Courtesy, NOW" he growled with so much power my ears nearly popped, but I did as he said and curtsied, he followed it with a small grunt.

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