On the route

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Life is a row of stopping paths
From one end of the road to new.
Along through hasty towns and straths
Where one can rest or bask in view.
We all have different journey trail
With various seats along the way.
We all were born to learn and fail
But never born to simply stay.

Sometimes we drive without aim
Not knowing when we'll end our ride
We choose a train that has no name
And give in to the wish inside

Our destination is a place
It changes like a river flow
For some the journey is a race
For some it dwells and goes on slow

I asked the passenger one time
Which way would lead me to my fate
He looked at me and warmly smiled
"They all are different, please, don't wait"

The paths are rough or often wry
And some of them are bound as well
I vowed I'd take less travelled by
To see the difference myself

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