IV. Getting Acquainted

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The two girls met the gaze of the blond boy, who was taking a sip from his water bottle. He quickly gulped it down and turned to face them.

"Hi!" he said enthusiastically, "Are you two my new neighbors?"
"...Neighbors?" Lena asked.
"Well, yeah!" he continued, "I live in A822 here! And it looks like you're going into A821!"
"We are in A821!" Aria said eagerly, "What's your name!"
"The name is Luke!" the blond grinned, "Welcome to New Haven! I assume you're both new?"
"Yeah!!" Aria chirped, "Are you?"
"Nah, been living here a couple years now. This truly is a great place for Gifted to just... be Gifted!" he exclaimed.
Aria chuckled excitedly, while Lena just unlocked the door and opened it.

"So," Aria continued, "Have you always stayed in this dorm?"
"Yep," Luke smiled, "Had roommates come and go, so I'm interested to see who I get this year."
"Did you look at the dorm manifest?" Aria asked.
"Nah," Luke shrugged, "I like it to be a surprise."
"Hey," Lena nudged Aria's arm, "It's open. Let's go in."
"Wha-," Aria started, "What's the rush?"
"I just want to get inside and get settled," Lena said firmly.
Aria awkwardly looked from her to Luke, who also looked between the two girls.
He raised his hands up in a "backing off" sort of gesture.

"Sorry," he said with an apologetic smile, "Didn't mean to keep you. I guess I should be getting ready for my roommates, anyway."
"Oh, no! It's okay! It really was nice to meet you," Aria smiled, moving her hair behind her ear.

After waving "goodbye" one last time, Aria finally entered the dorm room after Lena.
The room was big and a little spacious. Two double twin beds were on either side of the door, each with their own end tables. A third bed extended out from the side with an end table, and directly across from it was the door that led to the bathroom/closet. Past the third bed were two desks, each on one wall, and just past them was a massive window with curtains and a fainting couch directly in front of it.

"Wow..." Aria said in awe, but her awe was interrupted by Lena plopping her bags onto the third bed furthest from the door.
Aria gently sat hers against one of the beds closest to the door, looking on as Lena rigidly unpacked her clothes and things.

"So... um..." Aria started, trying to think of something to say.
Lena didn't reply.
Aria twiddled her thumbs, trying desperately to think of something to say.
"Is... everything okay?" she asked.
Lena stopped and stood upright.
"Sorry if that's... a bit much to ask," she said, "You just seem like something... is bothering you."
Lena turned to face her.
"There's nothing wrong with me," she said curtly.
"I never said something was wrong with you!!" Aria quickly corrected, "You just seem upset!! I'm... worried."
Lena's eyes narrowed.
"Don't bother worrying about me," she said, and she went back to unpacking.

Aria, disturbed by the interaction, silently started unpacking her things as well.
Just then, the door unlocked again, and opened.
Raina Fray stood in the doorway, and entered with her bags, shutting the door behind her.

Aria and Lena looked at her, quite taken aback by the unexpected entry.
"Sup," Raina said, and noticed only one bed was left.
She dropped her stuff on the bed and was about to unpack, when she felt eyes on her.
She turned around to see Aria and Lena looking at her.

"...What?" she asked, partially annoyed.
"You're... a Fray," Aria said.
"Yeah," Raina said, "The name's Raina. Who are y'all?"
"I'm Aria!" Aria said, extending out her hand.
Raina looked at her, then at her hand, and then shook it.
"Pleased to meet you," Raina said.
Aria just smiled in reply, then turned to look at Lena, who just resumed moving her clothes into the closet.
"And... that's Lena," Aria sighed, "Don't mind her if she comes off as rude, though. She's just... like that."
Raina looked at the red haired girl with a raised eyebrow.
"I hope we won't have a problem," she said, "Me and rude people don't exactly mix."
"Yeah..." Aria said, awkwardly, "Say, did you meet the guy in A822? He's a great neighbor!"
"822?" Raina asked, "My brothers are in that one."
"Oh?!" Aria reacted in surprise.


Dai and Kai entered dorm room A822 to find Luke cleaning off his messy bed.
Luke heard the door and looked up to see the twins.
"No. Freaking. Way," he said, standing up straight, "You guys do Youth Gifted Battling, right?"
"Yep," Kai grinned, "I'm Kai, this is Dai."
"Rhyming names?" Luke chuckled, "That's so cute."
Kai chuckled awkwardly while Dai just blushed of embarrassment.
"Anyway, I'm Luke, and I guess you guys will be my roommates for the year," Luke grinned proudly.
"...Where is your suitcase?" Dai asked.
"In the closet," Luke said, "Haven't needed it for a couple years."
"You've been living here for that long?" Kai asked.
"Mhm, saw roommates come and go," Luke explained, "But I hope we can be friends!"

Kai nodded, "So, I take it that's your bed?"
"Yep!" Luke smiled, "Take your pick at the other two. I was just trying to clean up a little before you got here, but I just finished my run by the time the orientation ended I guess."
"You run?" Dai asked.
"Duh," Luke smiled, and he flexed his arms, "Exercise is important. How else am I supposed to keep this up?"

Kai let out a laugh, and Dai couldn't help but smile.
"Aww," Luke grinned, "And here I was thinking you didn't smile."
Dai sniffed, "At least I'm not the one making a fool of myself."
"Ooo," Kai cooed.
Luke nodded with an approving smile.
"You... I like you," he said, putting his hand to his chin.
Dai just looked at the floor, embarrassed.
"Dai's the witty, quiet one," Kai explained, "I'm the outgoing one."
"Oh, yeah," Luke chuckled, "I can tell we're going to be great friends."
"Same!" Kai agreed.
"By the way," Luke said, "I've had roommates be weird about this so I have to warn you guys; I sleep only in my underwear. So, if that's weird for you-"
"Dude, what?" Kai asked, "I sleep in my underwear!"
"What??" Luke exclaimed, surprised, "Isn't it so comfortable?!"
"So comfortable!" Kai agreed, "Dai doesn't though, but he's cool with it."
"Aw," Luke said, "Baby still sleeps in his P.J.s?"
"When you get cold at night, don't come crying to me for any blankets," Dai said with a smile, and he claimed the bed furthest from the door.

Luke scoffed.
"He's so mean," he observed, "I think I'm gonna like you guys living here."

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