Chapter 4 - My name is Halle.

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     In reference to your idea of sending in a

complaint, I think that would be best

because letters were made to be private.

     Allow me to introduce myself. My name

is Halle. I think it is quite refreshing, the

values that your parents have instilled

within you. I can add that it is quite


     In contrast, I was raised with a

different palette of values, though not

so different from yours.

     My parents communicate very very

different from the method you and

your parents did. They use a more modern

means of corresponding.

     They use gadgets like those high-tech

cellular phones and similar devices in

contrast to myself who has a bit of a

problem with technology ever since

I can remember.

     Though it may not seem as such,

I am quite intrigued with the likes

of calligraphy, feathered pens and

grained paper.




Halle wrote as she ate breakfast getting ready for work. Tico would be frantic within the hour because she didn't have her cup of special made tea.

Truth was, Halle deliberately decided not to hassle today as it was her birthday. 

So she slowly took a shower, groomed herself making sure her hair was that pristine consistency she always wanted, and picked out her birthday outfit.

She didn't wear make-up but managed a dab of lip gloss to moisten her drying lips.

She didn't care what others would think of her as she walked out the door locking her apartment.

As she stepped out unto the steps Halle noticed a black high profile vehicle, a heavily tinted Audi roll by briefly distracting her from stepping.

Mid-step, she noticed her mistake and almost paid for it. Luckily,  or rather unluckily, her scarf got stuck between the closed door, pulling her back from falling.

Halle removed the part of the scarf that had been caught between the door before trotting down the steps at a leisurely place not caring to rush or be withheld from enjoying her day.

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