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Recap of the last chapter 'Ice Cream Shop':

As soon as I got into the car, I could feel the tension.

"Whose Jace?" Cooper asked bluntly.

My face went red.

How the heck-

I can tell you one thing-

Elliot is a goner.


We rode in the car awkwardly until we got home.

I was freaking out.

Like literally about to cry.

This is it.

No more Jace, no more phone, probably no more freedom.

My heart started to beat really fast.

I pulled my phone out and started to text Jace about everything.

"Put your phone away or I'm taking it," Nathan said seriously.

I quickly put my phone away.

I looked at Asher.

"You're dead, I hope you know that" he mouthed.


That's not helping that's Asher.

I ignored him and turned to the car door and laid my head on it.

After a while, we pulled up at home.

Luke and Dan were already home, which made me get even more nervous.

I got out of the car and walked into the house fast.

Luke and Dan were in the kitchen cooking.

Hoping they wouldn't see me.

I quickly- but quietly, made my way to the stairs.

Unfortunately, before I could even step on the step, Luke saw me and spoke.

"Paisley Rylan Hayes, come here and sit on this couch right now," He said, seriously, coming out of the kitchen and pointing to the couch.

I dreadfully turned from the stairs and walked to the couch where I sat, just waiting for the lecture because when he says my full name, that means I'm in big trouble.

Yes, Rylan is my middle name.

I honestly like it. It sounds weird, but I like it because it's different and not the same old middle name everyone else has.

The rest of my brothers came into the living room with me just to look at me get in trouble.

"What did we tell you about boys?" Luke asked.

I didn't say anything for a while.

"Hello?" Luke asked.

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