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Do you ever view your life as a roadmap?

You are at point-one, and every decision or choice that you make has the ability to take you in a multitude of different directions; a series of potential events playing out in front of you. Destiny stands at the head of the table, determining whether you'll go left or right. Destiny can see everything laid out in front of you, every single outcome resulting from a decision.

But that's not how life works. There isn't multiple roads – there is only one road, determined based on a choice. You only end up taking one road, one path, one route. All others simply fade away once you make that decision, and you accept life as it comes to you. You're never aware of what else could have happened.

But do you ever think about all of the possible outcomes? All of the other choices that are out there? You say yes to something, you're taken down one path. You say no to that same thing, and you're taking down a completely different road. Every choice we make counts. Every decision has a subsequent consequence that can ultimately change the course of our lives forever.

Perhaps what happened that night in the hotel was always bound to happen. But perhaps not. Perhaps it was just a perfectly structured circumstance; a chain reaction of events all stemming from one catalyst moment. All roads lead back there. A row of dominos, falling eventually into place. One key moment has the potential to start it all. And after that first domino falls? Everything else falls as well.

The catalyst moment in this case happened to be the first of June, 2018. That key moment would in turn alter the events of the summer, ultimately bringing us to one fateful night in mid-October.

Are you ready for the beginning?

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