Chapter 26

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Rex's POV

I pulled the blanket closer around me as I started to shiver. It was freezing outside, but I couldn't think of anywhere better to go other then the park Sokka and I had our first time at. I missed having his arms around me more then anything though. But if I was lucky the others wouldn't come looking for me and Sokka would get over me all together.

"Like I would babe."

My eyes flew open to Sokka standing a few feet away from me in a awkward stance. He dropped to his knees and pulled me to his chest tightly before sighing. Right then I felt terrible, because I could feel all the relief coming off of him from finding me. He had been allot more upset then I thought he would be, I guess he really did love me.

"Always and forever love."

He leaned his face closer to mine and kissed me sweetly before laying down with me on him. I extended the blanket a bit so he was covered with me and put my head on his chest. Even though I hadn't been gone from him that long it had felt like forever. Being in love with him really took it's tole on me considering I couldn't be away from him that long.

"Don't ever do that to me again babe," He whispered in my ear.

I shivered slightly  as his breath hit my neck, but nodded to him anyway. His arms tightened around me as he shifted us around with ease. No one could love anyone more then I loved him, that I was certain of. I never wanted to leave his arms again, it was the only place I felt a hundred percent safe. Sighing, I wrapped my arms around his torso and closed my eyes.

Cruz's POV

After four hours of aruging and commenting I finally managed to get Austin to understand what had happened. Now he was busy making out with Dalton on the couch while I walked up the stairs. Lie hadn't talked to anyone since what had happened with Elysabeth a few days ago. I knew she was hurting, allot, losing your first love is never a good feeling, I'd know.

When I hit the top step I moved to the first door on the left and knocked softly. Lie didn't answer me so I walked in anyway to see her curled up on her bed. Her breathing had slowed telling me she had fallen asleep like that. That wasn't the weird thing though, she was clutching the space over her heart like it was gone.

I had a feeling this wasn't just about Elysabeth anymore, it had gone way to far to just be that. I walked over to her bed and started to shake her lightly hoping she'd wake up easily. She stirred slightly before roling over and going back to sleep. I sighed before I kissed her forehead and left her room, wanting her to get some rest before I questioned her.

Lie's POV

Peeking through my lashes I saw Cruz walk out of my room and let out a sigh of relief. If he knew what was really going on with me he would be madder then hell. Of course I didn't really want to tell anybody what happened besides Elysabeth passing on. I don't think I can even admit to myself what else had happened in these few days.

All I can remember is that one room I was in, and what was in it with me. I shivered at the thoughts of it, making me pull my legs closer to my chest. Cruz was all I really had left to care about in the world. Sure I had my parents back in Britian but all they did was work 24/7 and ignore me and Cruz when they were home.

Scratch the Cruz part, I had Kyrei and him. Kyrei was the reason my brother even bothered to give a damn about me. Cruz would ignore me just like mom and dad, act like he didn't have a little sister. Until one day when he was eight and Kyrei came over. He noticed how depressed I was becoming and he couldn't believe Cruz was ignoring me.

Kyrei had slammed Cruz into a door and looked him dead in the eye while I sat scared right inside my bedroom door. He yelled at Cruz about me needing to be cared for and loved so I'd be able to feel happiness, and have a older brother who actually loved her since our parents didn't do anything. Cruz had listened to him, and actually started to watch over me.

That day was the best in my life, because I realized Kyrei cared, and I actually started to feel like I had a older brother. I smiled at myself in the memory of it, wondering what would have happened if Kyrei had never done that for me. Everyone always thought Kyrei was a bad guy and just another prostitute. But he knew how to be sweet and caring, most people just didn't stop to look.

Rex was the first person to ever get to fully see the loving side of him, a few of us, like me, have seen bits of it at the most. Kyrei was like another older brother to me and I couldn't be happier that he had Rex to love. He deserved to be happy after what people had been doing to him all these years, and he had been doing to his self.

I climbed out of my bed and went to the dresser to get a pair of jeans and one of my long sleeve shirts. It was time to go meet up with them again, no matter how much I didn't want to. This was also my last night in the house before I disappeared for a little while. I'd be coming back though, that was a promise. I just had to handle something on my own before I could stay with the guys.

I'd be back before Kyrei and Rex got married, yet another promise. I wanted to see them get married more then anything just because of how happy they made eachother. A love like that was rare for anybody, but the boys deserved it. When I managed to get dressed I grabbed my bags and threw open the window.

Taking a note out of my pocket, I moved to the bed and set it on the edge before turning back to the window. I threw my bags out hoping they wouldn't disturb anyone in the process. Silently, I said goodbye to them all knowing I'd see them in a few months. For now I was off back to Britian to handle what I needed handled.

Kyrei's POV

"June 2nd," Rex said softly.

I smirked, "What about June 2nd love?"

"That's when I want to marry you, not before and not after. I don't care about  the names, what we wear, none of that. I just want to belong to you forever."

"June 2nd it is love. Remember this though, when you say you want to belong to me forever...I hope you mean it because I'm never letting go of you again."

Rex pulled my arms away from him and flipped over so his face was looking into mine. He entangled our fingers together before leaning down to kiss me. I smirked again and held him to me before flipping us over and pulling off his shirt. He looked at me in shock, never thinking I'd be the one to make the first move.

"I love you Rex, you and only you. Your mine and I'm yours, never forget it. No one will get between us, and if someone ever tries...I'll kick their arse."

He laughed.


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