The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 18

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I watched Annie sleeping. Her hair was spread over the pillow, her face buried into the soft material. Every now and again, she would mumble something inaudible and my wolf would pur. Her body was cold, no matter how much of the covers I offered her. Gordon had mentioned it being something to do with the light thing, something we were no closer to figuring out.

Pups! My wolf screamed at me as Annie stirred. I felt a lump rise in my throat. I remembered Friday night - it felt so long ago - when we had seen the future. The baby in the visions had never felt so close. I had said time and time again that I didn't want children, and a part of me remained loyal to those thoughts. But my other part, the part that was ruled by my wolf, was yearning to see Annie round and glowing with my child. I could imagine her lying there, a bump over the top of her pyjama bottoms, reading out baby names for my approval, telling me where to put the cot, moaning about not being able to fit into her jeans...okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves; Annie had practically decided to go celibate, which meant that I had to as well. I hope she came around to the idea soon; my wolf was just beginning to get into the swing of things.

"Cal," Annie mumbled. I thought that she was still asleep but when I peered at her through the darkness, her eyes were open, shining. I moved closer to her, stroking her back.

"Stop staring at me," she muttered. "It's fucking creepy." My wolf was killing himself laughing and I rolled my eyes at her, before lying on my back and staring at the ceiling. It was so quiet, I could hear Annie's heart beating in her chest and I smiled.

Soon, her breaths became slow and her heartbeat dropped, indicating that she had gone back to sleep, which left me able to look at her without being accused of being a "creep".

Our beautiful mate, my wolf sang. I had to agree with him. I longed to just reach out and hold her but I knew that Annie might just chop my balls off, just to make sure that I didn't father any children. Instead, I got as close to her as I dared, before stroking her pale skin. Annie's eyes snapped open but, instead of telling me to piss off like I had thought, she smirked to herself and rested her head on my chest. I tentatively wrapped my arms around her.

"Moron," she yawned, playfully. This was how it was meant to be; not at each others throats, shouting the odds. Mates were supposed to act like this.

Pups! My wolf panted. I scolded him; there was no way I was having a conversation with him when Annie was this close. Even so, when I drifted off to sleep eventually, I dreamt about curly haired children running around, Annie chasing after them with a wearied look on her face. And when I awoke the next morning, she was still curled up in my arms. I tried to move without waking her but I had learnt already that it only took a door closing downstairs for Annie to be awake and ready to bludgeon an intruder. She sat bolt upright before looking at me and relaxing. She had huge dark circles under her blue eyes and her hair was sticking up at odd angles. Annie looked as if she had had a fitful sleep.

She looked like she was about to get up, so I got back onto the bed and gently pushed her down; she needed to sleep. She frowned and tried to fight me off but I was stronger and ended up on top of her, pinning her arms to the mattress.

"And where do you think you're going?" I asked. Annie stuck her tongue out and tried to kick me off.

"I need to pee," she moaned. "Cal, get off!" I slid off of her, my wolf disappointed that we were stopping there. But Annie grabbed a pillow and smacked it off of my head. I turned, only to get another faceful of pillow. I grabbed her by the waist, and rugby tackled her. She coughed and spluttered under the weight of me and I instinctively moved myself so that I wasn't squashing her. Unfortunately, I was in the prime position for my mate to start shouting, mate! Mate! Pups! Annie was looking at me, her eyes not exactly trusting. I bent my head and kissed her. She was unsure at first but I coaxed her mouth open, slipping my tongue in to dance with hers. My hands wandered to the bottom of her top and I ran them over her chest and abdomen. I lifted it over her head, still kissing her. I could feel myself getting hard and I tugged at her pyjama bottoms. They slid down to her knees. I was about to do the same to her pants, when she broke away from me, shaking her head.

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